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Swadeshaj is a Ayurvedic Medical Store Noida based listing complete range of Ayurvedic Medicine from the best brands of ayurveda. We have tried our best to list pure and cost effective Herbal Medicine here but if you feel there is any mistake in listing these Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine feel free to write us a mail. So, than we can correct it. At ...

Swadeshaj is a Ayurvedic Medical Store Noida based listing complete range of Ayurvedic Medicine from the best brands of ayurveda. We have tried our best to list pure and cost effective Herbal Medicine here but if you feel there is any mistake in listing these Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine feel free to write us a mail. So, than we can correct it. At our Ayurvedic Medicine Shop Noida based we have included somebest brands like Baidyanath, Dabur, Unjha, Dhootpapeshwar, Kottakal, Nagarjuan and many more. We also asure that provided medicine will be fresh and up to date from our Ayurvedic Pharmacy

  • Tridosh Herbs ( त्रिदोष )

    Tridosh in ayurveda,herbal medicine for tridosh

  • Digestion(पाचन संबंधी)

    Swadeshaj listing complete range of Herbal Digestion Medicine from the best brands of ayurveda.We have tried our best to list pure and cost effective Ayurvedic Digestion Medicine here but if you feel there is any mistake in listing these Ayurvedic Herbal Digestion Medicine feel free to write us a mail.So, than we can correct it.If you dont find any Ayurvedic Medicine for Digestion in the list please let us know.We also asure that provided Ayurvedic Digestion Medicine will be fresh and up to date

  • Life Style(जीवनशैली)...

    Life Style Diseases

  • Joint Muscles and Nerve

    Listing complete range of Herbal Medicine for Joint Pain from the best brands of ayurveda.These are several option in Ayurveda for Joint Pain.We also asure that provided Medicine will be fresh and up to date.

  • Flu, Fever and Cold
  • Women Problems

    Buy Ayurveda for womens health,Herbal medicine for womens health,herbal supplements for women's health from swadeshaj swadeshi store.

  • Men Problems

    Listing wide range of Ayurvedic medicine for Mens Problems from the best brands of ayurveda. As These are Ayurvedic medicine for Mens. So, they dont have any side effects. We also assure that provided medicine will be fresh and up to date

  • Hair Care

    Listing wide range of Herbal Supplements for Hair from best Ayurvedic brands.These are the Ayurvedic Supplement for Hair totally herbal and widely accepted accross the nation.

  • Eye Care
    Listing wide range of Herbal Eye Care Products from the best brands of ayurveda.It is better to choose Ayurvedic Eye Care Products initially for normal eye problem like itching,eye redness,weakness in eye sight etc.These are the Herbal Medicine for Eyes gives effetive result, popular and acepted by the people.
  • Urinary Problems
    Listing Ayurvedic Medicine Urinary Problems like urinary incontinence,urinary retention,urinary stone and mary more.Now you dont need read complete ayurveda just study the medicine we are listing categorywise for the concerned disease.
  • Headache
    ayurvedic medicine for headache,headache medicine,ayurveda for headache now available online at swadeshaj.com
  • Immunity Builder
    Herbal Immunity Builder
  • Piles
    Ayurvedic medicine for piles
  • Low Blood Pressure
    Ayurvedic medicine to increase Blood pressure,Blood pressure increase,Ayurveda for low Blood pressure at swadeshaj.com.
  • Weakness
    Listing ayurveda medicine for weakness,ayurvedic energy capsule,ayurvedic energy supplements
  • Spleen
  • Throat Problems
    Listing Herbal Medicine for Throat Problems.These are the option we found in Ayurveda for Throat Problems you can check this out please let us know if you know any other option in the same category which will others to create believe in ayurveda.
  • Animal Bites

    Animal Bites

  • Ascites


  • Body swelling
  • Herbal Supplement for...

    Herbal Supplement for Addiction

  • Allergy

    Listing wide range of Ayurvedic medicine for Allergy from the best brands of ayurveda. These are Herbal medicine for Allergy with no side effects. We also assure that provided medicine will be fresh and up to date

  • Disorders


  • Disease Wise Medicine

    Disease Wise Medicine

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  • Organic Cinnamon Powder is one of the widely accepted product of 24 Mantra. 24 Mantra Cinnamon Powder can also be used to lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk and lot more. Since Cinnamon itself is a healthiest spices on the planet and if it is certified then nothing to worry about its effectiveness. 24 Mantra Organic Cinnamon Powder can...

  • Amyron is a complete herbal supplement known to improve haemoglobin level in the body.   Amyron Syrup is a great supplement for Iron, vitamins, other essential minerals. Amyron Aimil contains  vitalizing herbs which contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue plus normal energy release & vitality

  • BGR-34 helps to regulate carbohydrate metabolism prevent long term complications and tone body functions. BGR 34 Checks overall fatigue and weakness.

  • Lukoskin has became very popular medicine to treat depigmentation of skin. It provides dual therapy includes oral liquid & ointment, together provide a comprehensive treatment of Leucoderma. Lukoskin Oral Liquid provides internal medication to meet out the nutritional deficiency and to restore the immune system where as Lukoskin Ointment for topical...

  • Neeri KFT worked like boon to increasing kidney disease in india as it normalizes the deviated functional parameters of kidney like serum creatinine, serum urea, serum proteins etc. Neeri KFT Syrup is actually a poly-herbal formulation helps to restore normalcy in Kidney Functional parameters in conditions of acute or chronic kidney functional insufficiency.

  • Neeri Syrup made from herbal extracts scientifically proven for their safety and effectiveness.  Aimil Neeri Syrup help tone the functioning of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and prostate gland as it is a enriched sources of several phyto-constituents like arbutin, bioflavonoids, glucosides, quinolone derivatives,  tannins and several micronutrients that

  • Neeri Tablet enriched of such a ingredients which fulfills all the objectives for corrective and preventive management of urinary disease from small itching or burning sensation in urination to the chaotic or turbid urine with severe occult blood with painful conditions.

  • Purodil is a unique herbal blend acting systemically (externally) as well as locally (internally) to fight various skin affections like (pimples, acne). Aimil Purodil is completely an ayurvedic treatment for skin. It provides natural skin care, which has no side effect.

  • Zymnet is a unique Herbal formulation found effective to stimulate digestion, absorption, regulate enzymatic activity in gastrointestinal tract. Zymnet Syrup also relieves gases, griping and control nausea & vomiting. Its a complete herbal care for digestion and to calm the symptoms of Indigestion, flatulence, Gripes & colics.

  • Aloes Compound are made for Female Infertility issues - Primary or Secondary. Alarsin Aloes Compound also found effective in sub fertility Menstrual Disorders

  • Alarsin Arjin improves the rythm of Cardio-vascular system and calms the nervous system. Arjin Tablets possess diuretic, hypotensive, Liver corrective, antiarrhythmic, carminative, sedative, anti-spasmodic, laxative and anti-obesity properties

  • Alarsin Bangshil is a genito-urinary antiseptic, useful in urinary tract disorders. Bangshil Tablets is completely an ayurvedic medicine indicated in Burning, Painful, slow, frequent micturition. Urethritis, Cystitis, Pyelonephritis, Pyelitis, Prostatitis, Crystalluria.

  • Aloe Vera Leaves now available for Sale.Raw Aloe vera can be used for skin, stomach, hair related problems.

  • Tar Nil Syrup is a complete herbal blend to tone up and strengthen the respiratory organs and are useful in removal of deposited tar, toxins and cough. Amishi Naturals Tar Nil Syrup reduces viscosity and helps remove of lungs congestion.It is very helpful for smokers and tenacious cough suffering people. It is also found effective in bronchitis.

  • Amlycure DS is an ayurvedic preparation to improve overall liver and their functioning. It cures fatty liver naturally. Amlycure DS Capsules is one of the rare formulation, which provides the highest number of active phyto-constituents in therapeutic concentration.

  • Amlycure DS Syrup is an ayurvedic preparation toimprove overall liver and their functioning. It cures fatty liver naturally. Amlycure D.S. Syrup is one of the rare formulation, which provides the highest number of active phyto-constituents in therapeutic concentration.

  • Giloy Tea works like a charm in viral fever. People usually dont like to consume plain giloy juice as it is tasteless but if you like to have tasteful alternative for the same you must try this Giloy Herbal Tea

  • Amrutanjan Balm gives a very pleasant heating sensation when rubbed into the skin and gives instant relief.Amrutanjan Balm is Great for occasional aches, pains, sprains and headaches. The balm is very strong and a little goes a long way

  • Axiom Allrid Oil effective in all kind of physical and nerve pain. Allrid Oil gives quick relief in Arthritis,Gout and Sciatica Pains.

  • Aloe Vera Juice controls the constipation,Gatric & Lever problems. Aloevera juice found effective in Arthritis & Joint Pains. Jeevan Ras Aloe Vera juice control Blood Pressure as well. Axiom Aloe Vera juice prepared by Axiom ayurveda is pure and herbal and claims No WATER ADDED

  • Aloe Vera for Arthritis is one of the best and pure alternative for Arthritis patients as well as for cervical Suffering people. This Aloevera for Arthritis also known as Aloevera COD 14 Arthritis. Axiom Aloevera COD 14 is also best in constipation and improve digestion.

  • Aloe Vera for Diabetes is one of the best and pure alternative for diabatic patients. This Aloevera for Diabetes widely known as Aloevera COD 32. Aloevera Diabetes COD 32 specially prepared to control Dibetes.Axiom Aloevera Diabetes COD-32 is also usefull in hyperglycemia,constipation and blood diseases.Jeevan Ras Aloevera Diabetes COD-32 used in high...

  • Aloe Vera for Obesity is one of the best and pure alternative for Obesity patients. This Axiom AloeVera for Obesity widely known as Aloevera COD 23. Aloevera Obesity COD 23 specially prepared to kill extra fat and effective in reducing excessive cholesterol level. Axiom COD 23 has tested results on obesity. Jeevan Ras Aloevera Obesity is best in any...

  • This Pure Amla Juice is fibrous and rich in Vitamin C. Amla Juice known to reduces body cholesterol,lower blood pressure and reduces the chance of cancer. It is a natural anti bacterial and astringent properties which prevent infection and used to cure ulcers. Jeevan Ras Amla Juice is 100% natural and pure

  • Apamarg juice is very useful in teeth and gum disorders. Jeevan Ras Apamarg juice can also use in kidney diseases,gall bladder stone vaginal or uterus infection or diseases, acidity, itching, skin infection. Axiom Apamarg juice is useful in snake scorpion,rat and dogs bite poisons.

  • Arand Leaf Juice is aphrodisiac, relieves pain and useful in neurological disorders. Castor Leaf Juice Used for the treatment of jaundice and liver disorder

  • Arjuna Amla Juice is useful in heart problems,fractures,ulcers,blood pressure,cholesterol and acidity.Axiom Arjun Amla Swaras clears the arteries ,blood clotting and increases the oxygen flow to the heart.

  • Bala Panchang Juice is the best suited herbal medicine for colitis.Axiom Bala Panchang Juice also effective to increase sperm count and white blood cells very quickly.Jeevan Ras Bala Panchang Juice is one of the effective herbal medicine for dengue fever.It also pull out the weakness.

  • Bathua Juice is good for heart it work as heart tonic. Bathua Juice improves the level of haemoglobin.Bathua leaves juice is a well known traditional medicine for intestinal parasites.Bathua Juice improves appetite as well.

  • Bhoomi Amla Juice is very well known and probably the best herb used against all kind of liver problems. It is known to cure liver inflammation as well. Jeevan Ras Bhoomi Amla Juice used to cure Hepatitis A, B and C. Axiom Bhoomi Amla Juice gives relief from jaundice, dyspepsia, ulcers, wounds, chronic dysentery, diabetes, dropsy and menorrhagia.

  • Bhringraj Juice is a wonderful herbal remedy for common found hair problems like Premature Greying of Hair, Hair fall, Loss of shine, Weakening of Hairs, loss of Nourishment to hair and Scalp. Jeevan Ras Bhringraj Juice also boost up immunity internally and work as a excellent rejuvenator. Adding some drops of Axiom Bhringraj Juice helps to cure ear ache.

  • Brahmi Juice is called intellect promoting herb. Jeevan Ras Brahmi Juice is well known herb for brain and memory. Axiom Brahmi Panchang Juice helps to cure epilepsy, catalepsy, depression and all kinds of brain related problems. Brahmi Panchang Juice helps to cure epilepsy, catalepsy, depression and all kinds of brain related problems.

  • Carrot Amla Juice One of the best ayurvedic solution to improve eye sight. Axiom Carrot Amla Juice helps to cure eye sight problems.Carrot Amla Juice is a rich natural source of carotene.

  • Changeri Juice is beneficial for Asthma and improves potency. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and cures several diseases like swelling, blood disorders, pain, liver problems etc. It is useful in blood cancer, AIDS and general weekness.

  • Chhoti Dudhi Juice is the best suited herbal medicine for Cancer. Jeevan Ras Chhoti Dudhi Juice found very effective in stomach ulcer. Axiom Chhoti Dudhi Juice also has best results in emobysis & dicentry.It can also be used in case of diabetes. Chhoti Duddhi Juice also found effective in asthma.Quickly control internal & ecternal bleeding.

  • Dhania Juice has several advantage like increase haemoglobin level,boost energy level of our body. Dhania Panchang Juice useful in Blood Cancer as well as AIDS and general weakness.

  • Durva Juice is usefull in acidity,stomach disorders,stops external and internal bleeding.Jeevan Ras Durva Juice is prepared from organic and herbal Durva grass.Durva Grass Juice contains wide range of healthy nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, fibre, potassium and protein

  • Giloy Stem Juice helps to cure diabetes.Giloy Stem Juice found very effective in Rheumatide Arthritis .Giloy Stem Juice Protects and efective in all kind of flue and fever infection.Axiom Giloy Stem Juice has best result in acidity and indigestion.Giloy Stem Juice controls the three humors of the body like phlegm,bile,wind.

  • Gokhru juice is useful in urine burning and decreased urine output, improves health and decreases weakness. Jeevan Ras Gokhru juice also remove all types of stones, renal or kidney disease, liver and spleen diseases.

  • Kalmegh Juice is useful to cure fever, liver disorder as well as digestive system. Jeevan Ras Kalmegh Juice is bitter in taste. Axiom Kalmegh is miraculous herb antipyretic,anti-inflamantory,antibacterial,antiparasitic,hepatoprotective by nature.

  • Karela Jamun Juice is usefull in diabetes,eye sight, constipation,skin diseases, immune system. It is a natural blood purifier which makes it perfect for diabetic patients. Jeevan Ras Karela Jamun Juice is prepared from pure Karela, Jamun, Amla, Neem, Giloy, Sadabahar Juice. Axiom Karela Jamun Juice is a time tested herbal blend to control Diabetes.

  • Chicory Juice is popularly used for treating diseases of hepatobiliary (liver and bile) and renal system, like washing kidney-bladder, liver diseases, jaundice, hepatitis etc. Kasni Juice also helps in  Head ache, Indigestion, Chronic fever, general weakness, Hypertension, Urticaria, Gouty arthritis, Burning sensation, Insomnia,

  • Axiom Louki Juice is prepaired with Louki Juice Black pepper,Tulsi and Mint.Axiom Louki Juice is useful in hert diseases,blood pressure,acidity constipation,gas and obesity it is also useful in hair fall and all types of fever.

  • Makoye Juice helps to cure Arthritis, Joint Pain, Rheumatism, Psoriasis. Jeevan Ras Makoye Juice is also used in case of prostate and spleen enlargment. It works well in kidney and gall bladder swelling. Axiom Makoye Juice can be used in asthama and diarrhhoea as well

  • Marigold Juice found very effective in piles. This Marigold Flower Juice also found effective in premature ejaculation. It can also be used as ear drops during ear pain. Marigold Leaf Juice also known to cure Blemish,Pimples,Skin Disorders,itching and Posriasis.

  • Marua Juice helps to cure indigestion, worm, cold & skin diseases. Marua Juice is also useful in scorpion poison.

  • Apply 1-2 Drops of Hridayomrita in Navel twice a day to get rid of several heart disease. Axiom Hridayomrita control cholesterol and Blood Pressure as well

  • Axiom Madhumrita best in diabetes and problem related to diabetes. Axiom Ayurveda Madhumrita improves the pancreas working as well.

  • Axiom Vatomrita controls vat humour of the body.

  • Nirgundi Juice helps to cure Rheumatide Arthritis, Joint Pains & Gout.Jeevan Ras Nirgundi Juice balances all three humours of body viz. Phlegm, Bile and Wind. Axiom Nirgundi Juice is exremely effective in migraine & headache.

  • Patharchur Juice is extremely effective in all kinds of stone. Patharchatta Juice get rid of gall Bladder stone even. Axiom Patharchur Juice helps to cure prostate and leucorrhoea as well. is Natural Anti-Opium Poison Solution. It helps to cure prostate, leucorrhoea as well.

  • Peepal Juice helps in leprosy, blood disorder, inflammation. Jeevan Ras Peepal Juice is also used in jaundice, night blindness and in malaria.Axiom Peepal Juice also helpful in cold, asthma, cough and headache.

  • Punarnava Juice Very effective in prostate, obesity, all kinds of stones, kidney, liver and spleen problems. Jeevan Ras Punarnava Juice is also very useful in general weakness. Axiom Punarnava Juice can be used as fat cutter.it helps to reduce weight qickly.

  • Saptfala Juice is very effective in constipation, acidity, obesity, gastric problem, blood pressure and skin diseases.

  • Shankhpushpi Juice is usefull in stress,depression,sleeping disorders,epilespy,anti worm,increases memory, brain power,mental intelligence.Jeevan Ras Shankhpushpi Juice is well known herb for brain and memory .Axiom Shankhpushpi Juice is prepared from pure juice of Shankhpushpi.

  • Sharapunkha Juice used in Ayurveda specifically for treating diseases of liver and spleen. Its oral intake improves the function of liver. It is used in treatment of liver diseases like hepatitis, cirrhosis from ancient time. This herb promotes regeneration of liver tissues. It removes obstruction of kidney.

  • Shatavari Juice extremely usefull in Epilepsy,all kind of weakness.Shatavari Juice is also effective in nervous disorders and shivening of hands.Jeevan Ras Shatawar Juice is a prime ayurveda for female reproductive system.Axiom Shatawar Juice known to balance pitta and vata.Jeevan Ras Shatawar Juice benefits the sexual potency in men.

  • Sheesham Juice is best to treat liver and prostate problems. These days Jeevan Ras Sheesham Juice frequently recommended by Ayurvedic Dr. in cancer kind of diseases. Axiom Sheesham Juice also helpful in fracture occured during osteporosis.

  • Shirish  Juice has multi purpose medicinal uses. It is not only tridosh nasak but also used as anti toxic herbs. Jeevan Ras Shirish Juice cures many respiratory problem, sex related problem many more. Axiom Shirish Juice also found effective in eye problems

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