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Listing complete range of Herbal Medicine for Sexual Weakness from the best brands of ayurveda. As These are Ayurvedic Medicine for Sexual Weakness. So, they don't have any side effects. We also assure that provided Herbal Medicine for Sexual Problems will be fresh and up to date

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    Listing complete range of Herbal Pennis Massage Oil from the best brands of ayurveda. As These are Ayurvedic Pennis Massage Oil. So, they dont have any side effects. We also asure that provided Pennis Massage Oil will be fresh and up to date

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  • Rs. 1,698 In Stock

    Kamini Vidravan Ras know to cure sexual problems in male like Premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Low libido, Less sperm count, thin semen, azoospermia, Oligospermia and impotency. Baidyanath Kamini vidravan ras nourish all the dhathus and specifically act on the sukra dhathu which helps to relieve the related sexual problems.

    Rs. 1,698
  • Rs. 150 In Stock

    Manmath Ras is extremely helpful in low vitality, loss of vigour & strength. Improves the seminal conditions & rejuvenates sexual stamina. Baidyanath Manmath Ras made from pure quality herbs

    Rs. 150
  • Rs. 68 In Stock

    Shri Gopal Tail helps men to regain their lost sexual strength with its 61 unique herbs including Ashwagandha, Kesar and Shatavari. Shri gopal Tel is a classical remedy for lack of sexual desire, loss of penile tension, erectile dysfunction and other sex related problems.

    Rs. 68
  • Rs. 90 In Stock

    Shukramatrika Vati very helpful in maintaing Blood Sugar. Baidyanath Shukramatrika Vati useful in Improving Sperm Quality and also helps in Urinary Track Infection (UTI)

    Rs. 90
  • Rs. 556 Rs. 585 -5% In Stock

    Vita-Ex Gold Capsules for vigour and vitality. Since Baidynath Vita-Ex Gold contains Swarna Bhasma extracted from pure gold so it doesnt have any side effects. The Vita-Ex Capsule regains lost virility and confidence in the the bed with your partner.

    Rs. 556 Rs. 585 -5%
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  • Rs. 220 In Stock

    Trivanga Bhasma mostly used in treatment of impotency and nervous disorders. It is a great tonic for reproductive and urinary system. Baidyanath Triwang Bhasma also useful in Urinary disorders, Urinary tract infection, Diabetes and Leucorrhoea.

    Rs. 220
  • Rs. 110 In Stock

    Dabur Stimulex arises sexual dësires and stamina. Dabur Stimulex Capsule stimulates semen production Safe for long-term use. It reduces mental & emotional stress  100% ayurvedic formulation. It is safe for long-term use.

    Rs. 110
  • Rs. 250 In Stock

    Dabur Stimulex Oil contains completely herbal stimulant for male genital organ. It gives quick effect on penis enlargement. It helps to boost sexual strength of the male and give long lasting effect in the bed. It works on the muscles of male genitalia and makes them stiff. Quickly erects the male organ within minutes.

    Rs. 250
  • Rs. 117 In Stock

    Dabur Shri Gopal Tail helps men to regain their lost sexual strength with its 61 unique herbs including Ashwagandha, Kesar and Shatavari. Dabur Shri gopal Oil is a classical remedy for lack of sexual desire, loss of penile tension, erectile dysfunction and other sex related problems.

    Rs. 117
  • Rs. 135 In Stock

    Wild Fire Oil deadly suited for men who feel psychologically inadequate for intercourse and also have poor penile rigidity due to over indulgence in sex or old age. Gurukul Wild fire oil has no side or contra effects.

    Rs. 135
  • Rs. 150 In Stock

    Gokhsura Tablets Improves sexual desire and drive, which subsequently improves sexual performance. It is a non-hormonal bio stimulator which increases the level of natural endogenous testosterone. Himalaya Gokhsura Tablets Strengthens the penile tissue and enhances penile erection, making it very useful in erectile dysfunction.

    Rs. 150
  • Rs. 114 Rs. 120 -5% In Stock

    Speman Tablets are very effective and popular herbal supplements for low sperm count problem  known as Oligospermia. Himalaya Speman Tablets has been since over many decades have proved it worth in giving men with all sorts of vitality and enhanced sperm count.

    Rs. 114 Rs. 120 -5%
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  • Rs. 110 In Stock

    Confido Tablet is an ayurvedic phyto-pharmaceutical preparation used for common sexual disease in male like early discharge, spermatorrhea and nocturnal emission. Himalaya Confido Tablet In addition to providing strength, It also reduces the anxiety linked with the performance and regulates the Discharge process.

    Rs. 110
  • Rs. 325 In Stock

    Patanjali Swet Mushli Churna is the great herbal formulation to improve body immunity.Swet Mushli Churna is a great aphrodisiac and safe herb to boost up body energy and any kind of male sexual disorders. Patanjali Shvet Mushli Churna also increases the sperm count and dicreases libido

    Rs. 325
  • Rs. 50 In Stock

    <strong>Angrag Churn</strong> worked like a miracle in sexual diseases. Angrag Churn gives a high level of satisfaction in such diseases like quick release,lower sperm count etc.

    Rs. 50
  • Rs. 72 In Stock

    Ashwagandha Churn contains natural herb which improve memory and brain power of the body. Swadeshi Ashwagandha Churn also helps to increase the sexual power by providing natural nutrients to the body cells.Ashwagandha Churna is normally used as an aphrodisiac, to improve energy levels. Swadeshi Ashwagandha Churn can also be used in certain neurological...

    Rs. 72
  • Rs. 110 In Stock

    Swadeshi Chandraprabha Vati is widely known herbal medicine for urogenital disorders,pancreas disorders,diabetes,mens and womens health problems as well. It Corrects sexual disorders and disability. Swadeshi Ayurveda Chandraprabha Vati also Corrects premature ejaculation and night fall. It Relieves painful and burning micturition. It Controls diabetes and...

    Rs. 110
  • Rs. 170 In Stock

    Kesari Badam Rasayan - A complete health care products works to improve mind sharpness and to improve body strength. Swadeshi Ayurveda Kesari Badam Rasayan helps to improve digestion .It also increases body immunity,stamina and vigour.

    Rs. 170
  • Rs. 270 In Stock

    Kamchudamani Ras is an unique Ayurvedic Energiser to enhance diminished libido & vigour in male and female. Vyas Kamchudamani Ras used to cure any kind of sexual weakness and can be used on any age group both on male or female. It is a complete herbal blend for sexual wellness

    Rs. 270
  • Rs. 110 In Stock

    Kamdev Churna helps in long lasting sexual drive. Vyas Kamdev Churna also care complete sexual weakness and swet dream problems in male

    Rs. 110
  • Rs. 215 In Stock

    Virya Shodhan Vati is an unique ayurvedic formulation that cures seminal ailments, sustains erection. Vyas Pharma Virya Shodhan Vati also helps in premature ejaculation . Improves function of genital system. Checks nocturnal emission and spermatorrhoea.

    Rs. 215
  • Rs. 500 In Stock

    Zandu Vigorex is a energy booster and stamina enhancer supplement.Zandu Vigorex is a complete blend of aphrodisiac ,adaptogenic and antioxidant herbs whic naturally boosts libido and enhance sexual performance a well. Zandu Vigorex is a complete health care tonic to keep body and mind refreshed and get relief from fatigue

    Rs. 500
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