Diseasewise Medicine

These are the ayurvedic medicine medicine listed diseasewise  mainly on the basis of details mentioned on the product wrapper

  • Digestion(पाचन संबंधी)

    Swadeshaj listing complete range of Herbal Digestion Medicine from the best brands of ayurveda.We have tried our best to list pure and cost effective Ayurvedic Digestion Medicine here but if you feel there is any mistake in listing these Ayurvedic Herbal Digestion Medicine feel free to write us a mail.So, than we can correct it.If you dont find any Ayurvedic Medicine for Digestion in the list please let us know.We also asure that provided Ayurvedic Digestion Medicine will be fresh and up to date

  • Life Style(जीवनशैली)...

    Life Style Diseases

  • Joint Muscles and Nerve

    Listing complete range of Herbal Medicine for Joint Pain from the best brands of ayurveda.These are several option in Ayurveda for Joint Pain.We also asure that provided Medicine will be fresh and up to date.

  • Flu, Fever and Cold
  • Headache

    ayurvedic medicine for headache,headache medicine,ayurveda for headache now available online at swadeshaj.com

  • Stomach Stone

    Stomach Stone

  • Hair Care

    Listing wide range of Herbal Supplements for Hair from best Ayurvedic brands.These are the Ayurvedic Supplement for Hair totally herbal and widely accepted accross the nation.

  • Urinary Problems

    Listing Ayurvedic Medicine Urinary Problems like urinary incontinence,urinary retention,urinary stone and mary more.Now you dont need read complete ayurveda just study the medicine we are listing categorywise for the concerned disease.

  • Immunity Builder

    These Immunity Boosting Herbs in Ayurveda are popularly known and widely accepted. So, if you are looking for the Herbs to boost body immunity naturally you can opt any one of these

  • Women Problems

    Buy Ayurveda for womens health,Herbal medicine for womens health,herbal supplements for women's health from swadeshaj swadeshi store.

  • Men Problems

    Listing wide range of Ayurvedic medicine for Mens Problems from the best brands of ayurveda. As These are Ayurvedic medicine for Mens. So, they dont have any side effects. We also assure that provided medicine will be fresh and up to date

  • Animal Bites

    Animal Bites

  • Allergy

    Listing wide range of Ayurvedic medicine for Allergy from the best brands of ayurveda. These are Herbal medicine for Allergy with no side effects. We also assure that provided medicine will be fresh and up to date

  • Herbal Supplement for...

    Herbal Supplement for Addiction

  • Body swelling
  • Ascites


  • Low Blood Pressure

    Ayurvedic medicine to increase Blood pressure,Blood pressure increase,Ayurveda for low Blood pressure at swadeshaj.com.

  • Weakness

    Listing ayurveda medicine for weakness,ayurvedic energy capsule,ayurvedic energy supplements

  • Piles

    Ayurvedic medicine for piles

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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