Axiom Triphla Aloevera Juice 500ml

Triphala Aloevera Juice is rich with the goodness of the miracle plant Aloe Vera, Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki, sourced from special handpicked chemical free farms. Axiom Triphla Aloevera Juice helps reduce weight, lower blood glucose, prevent heartburn, acidity and constipation.Being an antioxident, AloeVera Triphala juice prevents tissue damage and hence delays aging

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Triphala Aloevera Juice also helps to strengthen the immune system and revitalize the body internally.Triphla Aloevera Juice is a liver tonic and also effective in controlling skin diseases. The calcium in Aloe Vera is readily absorbed in the body and thus helps strengthens the bones. So make Triphla Aloevera Juice a part of your daily diet

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