Axiom Triphla Juice 500ml

Triphala Juice Corrects digestion,Controls blood pressure ,Improves eyesight,Controls unwanted greying and falling of hair, Makes the body slim and smart. Triphala Juice also Controls the harmful effects of Diabetes,Purifies blood and makes body healthy.Axiom Triphala Juice increases the haemoglobin percentage in the blood.

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अब आप स्वदेशज की Outlet CUM PickUp Center से अपना आर्डर पा सकते हैं एवं सीधे खरीददारी भी कर सकते हैं पूरा पता है ↓
LGF-1,धर्मपाली प्लेस, भोजा मार्किट, विनायक अस्पताल के पीछे
(2 minutes walking from)
Noida Sector-18 Metro Station

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Jeevan Ras Triphala Juice a best herbal blend to Detoxify and Rejuvenate the body. The greatness of Triphala Juice is that is controls all three humours of the body i.e vat,pitta and kaf.

  • Mentioned on its Wrapper
  • Best in constipation,Gas and all kind of stomach problems
  • It is extremely effective in high BP
  • Skin Infection
  • Heart Problems
  • Improves Eye Sight
  • It control all three humours of the body i.e vat,pitta and kaf.

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