Axiom Sugar Cure

Jeevan Ras Sugar Cure helps to control diabetes and is extremely usefull for the same.Axiom Sugar Cure controls obesity acidity and indigestion. Sugar Cure control blood pressure as well.Axiom Jeevan Ras Sugar Cure also useful in gout problem

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अब आप स्वदेशज की Outlet CUM PickUp Center से अपना आर्डर पा सकते हैं एवं सीधे खरीददारी भी कर सकते हैं पूरा पता है ↓
LGF-1,धर्मपाली प्लेस, भोजा मार्किट, विनायक अस्पताल के पीछे
(2 minutes walking from)
Noida Sector-18 Metro Station

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  • Mentioned on Its Wrapper
  • It helps to control diabetes
  • Extremely effective in all kind of diabetic problems
  • It also control blood pressure
  • Very effective in gaut problems
  • It controls obesity,acidity and indigestion

Kalmegh 5%, Methi 5%, Neem 5%, Giloye 5%, Arjun 5%, Saunf 5%, Gokhru 5%, Amla 5%, Shubra Bhasm 0.5%, Ajwain 4.5%, Jal q.s. to 100%, Permitted Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) 0.2%
Tips to avoid sugar :

  • After meal do vajrasan for 5 min.
  • Do not drink water upto 1 hour after having meal
  • Use only seasoned vegetables and fruits

For ailment 20 ml thrice a day before meal or as directed by the physician.

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