Baidyanath Supari Pak

Baidyanath Supari Pak can work as a elixir for the female body during the pregnancy. It is an ayurvedic medicine treats almost every illness related to the female body.Baidyanath Supari Pak attends to healing of the female reproductive system and alleviates pre and post menstrual symptoms.

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Starting from balancing the secretion and distribution of progesterone, the female hormone to increasing sexual desire, despite the effect of age, Baidyanath Supari Pak does it all!
  • It is a great elixir for the female body during the pregnancy
  • Supari pak is a well known ayurvedic remedy for gynecological diseases.
  • Supari Pak is an ayurvedic herbal medicine for curing leucorrhoea.
  • Supari Pak is a revitalizing tonic for the female reproductive system.
  • It is very useful in woman's physical weakness, facial paleness and anemia.
  • It also relieves bodily fatigue
  • It remedies back-ache, pain in shins, anxiety and uneasiness.
  • Assists Women to Restore Health After Delivery by Relieving Weakness, Headache, backache and other problems like pain in the lumbar region and a dragging sensation in the abdomen.
  • Balances production of female hormones
Puga, Sarkara, Musta, Madhu, Tejpatra and Satavari, An administration of 2 teaspoonfuls of the pak, 2 times a day along with milk is desirable. The images represent actual product though color of the image and product may slightly differ. All our collection are made on the basis of information collected from diffrent sources like some popular blog, forums and indication mentioned on the product wrapper. So, all the herbal medicine should be used under Medical Supervision only.

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