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Listing wide range of Baidyanath Ayurvedic Medicine. Baidyanath Ayurveda is one of India's most respected Companies in Ayurveda. Nowadays we have more than 700 Ayurvedic Products from Baidyanath.

Listing wide range of Baidyanath Ayurvedic Medicine. Baidyanath Ayurveda is one of India's most respected Companies in Ayurveda. Nowaday we have more than 700 Ayurvedic Products from Baidyanath.

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  • Rs. 68 In Stock

    Shri Gopal Tail helps men to regain their lost sexual strength with its 61 unique herbs including Ashwagandha, Kesar and Shatavari. Shri gopal Tel is a classical remedy for lack of sexual desire, loss of penile tension, erectile dysfunction and other sex related problems.

    Rs. 68
  • Rs. 126 In Stock

    Baidyanath Amlattantak Yog is mainly used in the treatment of constipation, gastritis, dyspepsia, acid reflux disease, acid peptic disorders etc. 

    Rs. 126
  • Rs. 110 In Stock

    Abhayarista get rid of constipation and pain of haemorrhoids. Baidyanath Abhayarista also Helps to stop stomach burning and itching.Baidyanath Abhyarista Also helps to prevent bleeding through stools and from piles.

    Rs. 110
  • Rs. 110 In Stock

    Arjunarishta is an effective herbal heart tonic and cardiac stimulant.Baidyanath Arjunarishta useful in diseases of heart & respiratory disorders.Arjunarishta ia popular herbal medicine to maintains functioning of heart by enhancing the action of heart muscles.

    Rs. 110
  • Rs. 193 In Stock

    This Triphala Ghrit is a complete herbal blend for eyes and found effective in several kind of eye related disease like Night blindness, Diminished vision, Eye pain, Itching in eyes, Myopia or Short Sighted.Triphala Ghrita is also used for preparatory procedure for Panchakarma and also as medicine. Baidyanath Triphala Ghrita prepared with maintained...

    Rs. 193
  • Rs. 218 In Stock

    Phalkalyan Ghrit is known to treat male and female infertility issues. Baidyanath Phalkalyan Ghrit is used for preparatory procedure for Panchakarma and uses ghee as its base

    Rs. 218
  • Rs. 95 In Stock

    Kaishore Guggulu is helpful in uric acid, gout, arthritis, acne, skin disorders, fevers and many more. Baidyanath Kaishore Guggulu particularly helpful in removing the accumulation of uric acid in the joints and muscles. This accumulation of uric acid is indicated by pain and inflammation in the joints.

    Rs. 95
  • Rs. 150 In Stock

    Malkangni Oil know to improve memory and concentration power. Malkangni Oil also known as Jyotishmati Oil

    Rs. 150
  • Rs. 147 In Stock

    Pirrhoids is extensively researched and time tested product from Baidyanath developed specially for non bleeding piles. Pirrhoids Tablets also relieves in inflammation, helps in shrinkage of piles. Baidyanath Pirrhoids ensures smooth evacuation of bowel and minimises aggravation of Haemorrhoids.

    Rs. 147
  • Rs. 173 In Stock

    Baidyanath Supari Pak can work as a elixir for the female body during the pregnancy. It is an ayurvedic medicine treats almost every illness related to the female body.Baidyanath Supari Pak attends to healing of the female reproductive system and alleviates pre and post menstrual symptoms.

    Rs. 173
  • Rs. 100 In Stock

    Triphala Guggulu is an ancient Ayurvedic formulation popularly used for body detoxification and improving metabolic functions. The formula is a combination of Triphala and Guggul. The regular usage of Baidyanath Triphala Guggulu Tablets reduces the chances of metabolic disorders.

    Rs. 100
  • Rs. 65 In Stock

    Neem Oil used for several purposes like hair problem like anti lice,skin itching problem skin disease. This Neem Tail can also used as mosquito reppellant with camphor . Burning of Neem Oil is totally non toxic and have no adverse effect on health like common reppellant does

    Rs. 65
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

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