Pathmeda Skimmed Milk Powder 500g

Pathmeda Milk Powder prepared from the milk of desi cow(native cow) and contains all the vitamins and mineral found in desi cow milk .Pathmeda Skimmed Milk Powder is pure and safe for use. It is prepared under hygenic conditions, Pathmeda Cow Milk Powder is a wise choice to make Paneer, Curd, Kheer, Direct Milk, Ice-cream and Sweets.

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Pathmeda Milk Powder can be the best the best alternative where desi cow milk is not available.Pathmeda Skimmed Milk Powder prepared under clean environment with maintained quality standards.

  • ​No Sugar Added.
  • 100% Vegetarian Product.
  • Using this will maintain the balanced physical developement of the body.
  • It is a pure Panchgavya Milk Product.

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