Raw Dried Herbs

Raw Dried Herbs

  • Dried Roasted Seeds

    Dried Roasted Seeds now complete range available at noida based Swadeshaj Swadeshi Store

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    Banshlochan (also known as Tabasheer, Bamboo Silica, & Bamboo Manna and also known as Tabashir Powder) is siliceous resin and bamboo exudate, which is a form of herbal silica obtained from female bamboo trees. It is known as a great ayurvedic content in ayurveda. It is extremely beneficial for pregnant woman and if you are looking for pure Vanslochan...

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    As we know Dry Amla consumed to improve digestion,to stop tooth decay ,to reduce cholesterol and for healthy hair.Since it is a Dried Amla so it can be consumed by diabetic patients as well. Buy best quality Dried Amla online only at swadeshaj swadeshaj online.

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    Dry Reetha is a great natural Soapener and work as effective hari cleanser. Buy best quality Dried Reetha Online only at swadeshaj swadeshaj online.

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    Dried Shikakai is a great hair tonic and is been used traditionally for same. Buy best quality Dried Shikakai online at Swadeshaj Online Store.

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    Roasted Mix Seeds is a best immunity booster. It is a rich source of protein as well. Buy Roasted Mix Seeds from noida based store at discounted price

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    This is a certified Organic Sunflower Seeds from Nourish Organics. These Organic Sunflower Seeds are enriched of essential fatty acids to keep you hale and hearty. Nourish Organics Sunflower Seeds are luscious and full of flavour and offer a wholesome alternative to your regular snacks.

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    Chia Seeds collected from the finest organic farms across India, This Organic Chia Seeds is a high-protein superfood that’s loaded with the goodness of dietary fibres, proteins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

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    Flaxseeds or Alsi has lot of health benefits that you might not know. Raw Flaxseeds contains one the important fatty acids i.e. Omega-3 (also known as ‘good fat’), lignans (rich in antioxidants and estrogen content) and fiber. Daily use of Flax Seeds can keep your health better and energetic

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    Kalonji is one of the important herbs used as medicine from ancient times. There are numerous  health benefits of Kalonji Seeds as came to the peoples knowledge so, they started including it in diet too and have it’s benefits. Black Seeds were mainly useful for severe internal worms, headache, toothache and nasal congestion.

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    Roasted Flax Seeds has graceful taste as it is roasted with sendha namak. Since it has miraculous health benefits and is one of the herb with contains Omega 3 which is rarely found. Roasted Flaxseeds found very effective for those who are suffering from diabetes.

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    So Sweet Stevia Leaf can be used for sweetening your beverages by boiling them along with your beverages. So Sweet Stevia Leaf are hand picked leaves from Stevia Farms of India. It will sweeten your beverages as 100% natural sweetener, with no calories and no side effects. So Sweet Stevia Leaves are filtered and widely used.

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