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    Buy Ayurvedic Medicine for Fever,Ayurvedic Medicine for Fever online at swadeshaj swadeshi store.We are trying to list all Ayurvedic Medicine for Fever type products to boost your immune and to protect from day to day viral fever.

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    Listing wide range of Herbal Medicine for Cough and Cold from the best brands of ayurveda. We have tried our best to list pure and cost effective Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough and Cold here but if you feel there is any mistake in listing these cough and cold ayurvedic medicine feel free to write us a mail. So, than we can correct it.If you dont find any Herbal Cough Syrup in the list please let us know. We also asure that provided product will be fresh and up to date

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  • Giloy Tea works like a charm in viral fever. People usually dont like to consume plain giloy juice as it is tasteless but if you like to have tasteful alternative for the same you must try this Giloy Herbal Tea

  • Axiom Allrid Oil effective in all kind of physical and nerve pain. Allrid Oil gives quick relief in Arthritis,Gout and Sciatica Pains.

  • Bala Panchang Juice is the best suited herbal medicine for colitis.Axiom Bala Panchang Juice also effective to increase sperm count and white blood cells very quickly.Jeevan Ras Bala Panchang Juice is one of the effective herbal medicine for dengue fever.It also pull out the weakness.

  • Bhoomi Amla Juice is very well known and probably the best herb used against all kind of liver problems. It is known to cure liver inflammation as well. Jeevan Ras Bhoomi Amla Juice used to cure Hepatitis A, B and C. Axiom Bhoomi Amla Juice gives relief from jaundice, dyspepsia, ulcers, wounds, chronic dysentery, diabetes, dropsy and menorrhagia.

  • Giloy Stem Juice helps to cure diabetes.Giloy Stem Juice found very effective in Rheumatide Arthritis .Giloy Stem Juice Protects and efective in all kind of flue and fever infection.Axiom Giloy Stem Juice has best result in acidity and indigestion.Giloy Stem Juice controls the three humors of the body like phlegm,bile,wind.

  • Nirgundi Juice helps to cure Rheumatide Arthritis, Joint Pains & Gout.Jeevan Ras Nirgundi Juice balances all three humours of body viz. Phlegm, Bile and Wind. Axiom Nirgundi Juice is exremely effective in migraine & headache.

  • Tulsi Juice is useful in cough, cold, dyspnea, hiccups, and also helps with sore throat, bronchitis, bronchial asthma and malaria. Jeevan Ras Tulsi Juice regular intake increases the body immunity naturally. Axiom Tulsi Juice is an ayurvedic herbal supplement which helps to maintain normal function of the respiratory system.

  • Lakshmivilash Ras frequently recommended in cough ,cold and phthisis. Baidyanath Lakshmivilash Ras known for its expectorant and antispasmodic properties. 

  • Swarna Malini Vasant is an herbal antibiotic in ayurved frequently used in treatment of chronic fevers, weakness, general fatigue after fever or any wayward disease such as tuberculosis or heart diseases. Swarna Malini Vasant Gold has its great curative action in splenomegaly (spleen enlargement), liver enlargement, hepatitis A, B, C.

  • Punarnavarishta is a medicinal syrup for many problem like liver disorder, jaundice, chronic fever, abdominal disorder and beri beri. Baidyanath Punarnavarishta helps to reduce body swelling

  • Godanti Bhasma is used in the treatment of leucorrhoea, fever due to pitta imbalance, chronic fever, cough, cold, asthma, anemia, chest injury, emaciation and wasting in children. Baidyanath Godanti Bhasma improves strength and immunity.

  • Drakshasava widely used in the treatment of piles, fistula, indigestion,intestinal worms, bleeding diseases, injury, wounds. Drakshasava calms Vata and Pitta. The herbs used work on the gastro-intestinal tract, stimulate appetite, improve body strength and energy.

  • Basil Juice is known to treat common cold,relieves cough,stress buster,improve vision and acne preventive. Basil Juice used in dyspnea, hiccups, and also helps with sore throat, bronchitis, bronchial asthma and malaria. Regular use of Basil Juice will increase the immunity of your body naturally.

  • Neem Giloy Juice used to treat pitta humour of body. It is popularly useful in viral fever, flue, cough, skin disorder, jaundice, piles, high blood sugar, improve immunity, colesterol control and in heart disorders. Basic Ayurveda Neem Giloy Juice is prepaired from giloy stemn spread on neem tree.

  • Basic Ayurveda Nirgundi Ras helps to cure Rheumatide Arthritis, Joint Pains & Gout. It balances all three humours of body viz. Phlegm, Bile and Wind. Basic Ayurveda Nirgundi Juice is exremely effective in migraine & headache.

  • Van Tulsi is very effective herbal cough syrup to give you faster relief from chest congestion.Basic Ayurveda Van Tulsi can be used for children to old edge people. Van Tulsi Cough Syrup is one of the home remedies herbs and should be there in every home.Van Tulsi facilitates the easy expectoration of tenacious mucus from the respiratory tract.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its Amazing cleansing healing and energizing health qualities. Applying Apple Cider Vinegar on the skin improves the beauty and glow fo the skin and make it soft.Apple Cider Vinegar helps to remove stomach ulcer as well as kidney stone.Basic Ayurveda Apple Cider Vinegar helps to reduce body cholesterol.

  • Vedantak Vati as it name says it ends the pain permanently and quickly.Vedantak Vati is completely a herbal oil to get relief from Joint Pain,body pain,Soulder pain,Gout and Swealing. Cosmo Vedant Vedantak Vati is regularly prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctor and found effective in the joint pain after fever.

  • Mahanarayan Tail prepared with seasame oil as a base and processed in various medicinal herbs to improve the strength of muscles bones and joints. It is effective for all kind of arthritic disorders specially for osteoarthritis. Dabur Mahanarayan Tail gives instant relief from knee pain. It can be used with any age group from children, adults to elderly...

  • Dabur Rheumatil Oil is a complete herbal blend to provide quick relief in arthritis kind of joints and muscular pain. Rheumatil Oil bring softness to muscle stiffness quickly just give slow massage with Rheumatil Oil over affected area

  • Rheumatil Gel is a pain relieving oinment,thats cure all types of joints pain and muscular pain. Dabur Rheumatil Gel gives relief in all arthritic conditions associated with swelling and stiffness, muscular strain and sprains, other traumatic injuries associated with swelling

  • Dabur Rheumatil Tablets is a pain relieving ayurvedic medicine to gives quick relief from rheumatism related joint pain. Dabur Rheumatil Capsule very effective herbal blend for Gout, Osteoarthritis, Frozen shoulder, Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis, Arthralgia, Joint pain and Muscular pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis Traumatic inflammatory...

  • Giloy Papita Swaras helps to increase blood platelets quickly. Giloy Papita Juice is frequently recommended in Dengue Fever. Dengue can lead to death If it is left untreated. Just two tablespoon of this juice twice a day, morning and evening will show you the miraculous effect in dengue.

  • Baheda Powder is very effective in treating respiratory diseases due to cold. Using Baheda Powder helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.Baheda powder consumption with honey mix acts a natural tonic. Herbal Hills Baheda Powder is used in various eye ailments, such as myopia, corneal opacity, pterigium, immature cataract, chronic and acute infective...

  • Artho Vati is a complete herbal blend to cure chikungunya post fever pain. You can see Artho Vati results from the day one itself as it guarantees " दर्द का तुरन्त ईलाज ". Its perfection is due to its herbal combination which is unique and result oriented. It is great research of Indian Ayurveda specially for chikungunya.

  • Flu Treat Juice found very effective in all types of flu, cough, cold, fever, diabetes and liver infection and jaundice. Jeevan Ras Flu Treat Juice is anti fungal in nature.

  • Kesri Kauff Madhu useful in cold, cough and asthama. Swadeshi Kesri Kauff Madhu cures dry cough. corrects respiratory disorders and act as Good expectorant. It is also useful in chronic fever and T.B.

  • Kushal Kanthil is an effective herbal remedies for Sore throat problems. It can also be used in case of cough nausea and cold. It also works as a mouth freshener

  • Plate Booster as name indicates it helps to boost platelets level in the body as it contains 10 wonderful herb including Giloy, Papaya Leaf, Aloevera, Ginger, Tulsi, Mulethi, Blackpepper, Turmeric, Ashwagandha and Neem. Papaya Leaf is rich in enzymes which aid digestion,prvents bloating and other digestive disorders.

  • Organic India Flexibility add lubrication to the joint by increasing sinovial fluid found in the joints. It is an effective herbal blend to protect and repair joints and tissues, reduces inflammation, improves joint mobility as well. Organic India Flexibility Capsules also soothes muscle spasm. It Relieves pain and work as a excellent herbal alternative...

  • Patanjali Special Chyawanprash With Saffron 1 kg

  • Divya Swasari Pravahi has became popular name in ayurvedic care for cough and cold.You can give a try to Divya Swasari Pravahi if you are suffering from continious cough and cold problem I am sure you will like its effect.

  • Kamdhenu Tail a complete care oil for Vata Rogas.Pathmeda Kamdhenu Tail is completely a herbal oil to get relief from Body Pain,Joint Pain and in Arthritis instantly.

  • Pathmeda Pain Remover Cream is very usefull in Joint Pain,Chronic Pain,Backache,Lower Back Pain, Sprain, Starain Muscles Pain,Inflamatin,Hadache,Cold,Frozen Sholder .Pathmeda Pain Remover Cream prepared from from several herbs like kovar patho,gaumutra ghan,kapur and many more.

  • Arthodhan Oil give quick relief in case of Joint Pain,body pain,Soulder pain,Gout and Swealing. Just add 30-40 drops of Arthodhan Oil and apply slow massage over effected areas with some heat treatment(सेंकना).Its perfection is due to its herbal combination which is unique and result oriented.

  • Arthodhan Vati is the great herbal combination from SBS Herbal Pvt. Ltd to cure widely affecting post fever join pains. Arthodhan Vati is completely formulated to give quick relief from Joint Pain,body pain,Soulder pain,Gout and Swealing. SBS Arthodhan Vati is regularly prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctor and found effective in the joint pain after fever.

  • Shadang Juice is specially prepared for Dengue and other viral disease.It increase Platelet count as well. Basic Ayurveda Shadang Juice is a blend of six herbal juices are Papaya leaf ,Giloy Stem, Wheat Grass ,Tulsi ,Aloevera,Anaar which make it perfect for Dengue. Its a great combination if you are looking for Giloy Papaya Leaf Juice.

  • Shree Dhanwantri Shwasni Avaleh

  • Sri Sri Chyawanprash helps the body to fight against infections like cold, cough, debility, tuberculosis, gout, lung & heart. Sri Sri Ayurveda Chyawanprash is prepared by using 25 unique ingredients such as Amlaki as its main ingredient known as very rich of antioxidant

  • Tulsi Tablets is an efficient herb possesses anti-allergic properties. Sri Sri Tulsi Tablets is efficient to control the cough, respiratory problems and allergic rhinitis. Sri Sri Ayurveda Tulsi Tablets it can be also used in the problems of cough,eyes, vomiting,skin disease and worm infastation.

  • Sri Sri Sitopaladi Churna is one of the best medicine for cough. Sri Sri Ayurveda Sitopaladi Churna is helpful to increase appetite.It is useful in various other respiratory problems,it is specially made for seasonal cough and cold. It is excellent soothing aid in dry and productive cough.

  • Nigella Oil Capsules support the liver and useful in gall bladder inflammation. Kalonji Oil Capsules known to improve digestion system and helpful in condition like gas, colic, diarhhea,dysentery,constipation and hemorrhoids. Kalonji Capsule also helpful in respiratory conditions like asthama cough,emphysema.flu swine flu and congestion.

  • Kushmanda Rasayana is a great herbal formulation from Sri Sri Ayurveda has amazing results in chronic respiratory disorders. Sri Sri Kushmanda Rasayana is an excellent health tonic for the body and immunity.Kushmanda Rasayana can also be used in case of Bleeding disorders. Human liver can be strengthened greatly with its use.

  • Neem Giloy Ras is useful viral fever,improve immunity,reduce colesterol. Swadeshi Ayurveda Neem Giloy Ras is prepaired from giloy stemn spread on neem tree.

  • Giloy Vati is extremely effective and beneficial in fever. Giloy Tablets known to enhance blood formation as well as blood purification.It helps to remove weakness in heart and body. Swadeshi Giloy Vati also useful in skin disease,gout,liver disorders,dyspepsia,acidity,Dysentery,Gastricitis etc.

  • Pain nil is an effective herbal formulation to provide quicker relief in joint and muscles pain. Pain Nil Powder is extremely used for Joints Pain, Gathiya / Gout Athritis, Chikungunya joints pain, Arthritis and various kinds of such pain diseases.

  • Vyas Pharma Jwarantak Vati is an unique Ayurvedic sugar coated antipyretic tablet that cures all type of fevers. 

  • Shringa Bhasma is a herbal blend made to work pleurisy, pneumonia, influenza, productive cough, common cold, chest pain, angina pectoris, chronic fever, fever in tuberculosis, bone disorders, rickets, pyorrhea, pyelonephritis etc. Vyas Shringa Bhasma is a calcined ayurvedic medicine used as expectorant. 

  • Yogi Kanthika helps in providing relief to all throat related problems. It soothe the severe sore throat pain and irritation. If you are not able to have good nights sleep due to sore throat remember yogi kanthika. It is 100% Sugar Free and can be consumed by for Diabetic patients It also Relieves your throat from all illness with no side effects

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