Menstrual Problems

Listing Ayurvedic medicine for Menstrual Problems like Menstrual Pain,Menstrual Bleeding,Irregular Periods,Menstrual Cramps etc.
  • Menstrual Cramps
    Listing Herbal Medicine for Menstrual Cramps from the best brands of ayurveda.We have tried our best to list pure and cost effective Ayurvedic Medicine for Menstrual Cramps here. You can follow the refrence links mentioned below.
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  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle
    Buy Herbal Medicine Irregular Periods,Ayurveda for Irregular Menstrual Cycle at swadeshaj swadeshi store. Listing Herbal Medicine Irregular Periods from the best brands of ayurveda.We have tried our best to list pure and cost effective Ayurveda for Irregular Menstrual Cycle here.You can follow the refrence links mentioned below.
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  • Organic Cinnamon Powder is one of the widely accepted product of 24 Mantra. 24 Mantra Cinnamon Powder can also be used to lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk and lot more. Since Cinnamon itself is a healthiest spices on the planet and if it is certified then nothing to worry about its effectiveness. 24 Mantra Organic Cinnamon Powder can...

  • Aloes Compound are made for Female Infertility issues - Primary or Secondary. Alarsin Aloes Compound also found effective in sub fertility Menstrual Disorders

  • Aloe Vera Leaves now available for Sale.Raw Aloe vera can be used for skin, stomach, hair related problems.

  • Chicory Juice is popularly used for treating diseases of hepatobiliary (liver and bile) and renal system, like washing kidney-bladder, liver diseases, jaundice, hepatitis etc. Kasni Juice also helps in  Head ache, Indigestion, Chronic fever, general weakness, Hypertension, Urticaria, Gouty arthritis, Burning sensation, Insomnia,

  • Yonipushpa Juice has very effective in menstruation problems. Axiom Yonipushpa Juice works best in all kinds of uterus diseases.

  • Pushyanug Churna mostly recommended in Ayurvedic treatment of Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual disorder, Excessive menstrual bleeding of various aetiology. Baidyanath Pushyanug Churna is also found effectine in treating uterine infections and Haemorrhoids. This is good in diarrhoea, dysentry, grahani and raktapitta. Doctors also use this...

  • Ashokarishta is a proper medicinal syrup for all menstural related problem like  Irregular mense, dysmenorrhea, menstural cramps,and other related pain. Basic Ayurveda Ashokarishta also effective in dyspepsia, cure acne, improve vitality, strength, vigor etc.

  • Bio Chance a herbal blend for the treatment of functional gynecological disorders like excess or irregular menstrual bleeding, pain during menses, white discharge, backache, burning in hands and feet, weakness.Basic Ayurveda Bio Chance has effective result in case of Dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, amenorrhea, leucorrhea, infection in urinogenital tract.

  • Gulkand is a kind of Rose Petal Jam. Gulkand is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator. This Gulkand with Prawal pishti has cooling properties, thus it is beneficial in alleviating all heat related problems like tiredness, lethargy, itching, aches and pains. Gulkand also helpful in cardiac problems

  • Sundri Kalp regularizes the menstrual cycle and builds up strength and stamina of women.Sundri Kalp resolves the primary and secondary menstrual problems as well.Basic Ayurveda Sundari Kalp is to keep women fit and active throughout the month.

  • Dabur Ablari contains reputed Indian drugs like Ashoka, Valerian popularly known for their sedative and beneficial action on the uterus. Ablari Dabur is frequently recommended in case of menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, post-partum hemorrhage, dysmenorhoea and primary amenorrhoea.

  • Dabur Mensta syrup is a unique herbal formulation which helps relieving problems related to the female reproductive system. Its anti-inflammatory and anti- spasmodic action  helps treat a variety of menstrual disorders.Dabur Mensta Syrup regularizes menstrual cycle. It reduces abnormal bleeding . It reduces inflammation of uterine tissue .  It also...

  • Ginger Honey is Useful for Asthma, Respiratory problems, Indigestion, cancer prevention, heart related issues. Gurukul Ginger Honey contains honey and ginger and both have their own individual health benefits and the combination of the two provides even more health benefits.

  • Gurukul Prabhat Ashram Nari Sudha

  • M2 Tone Tablets Regulates and restores normal menstrual flow Controls abnormal or excessive menstrual bleeding. M2 Tone balances menstrual period

  • Nari Sanjivani effective in leukorrhoea (swet pradar), menorrhagia (rakt pradar), menstrual irregularities, back pain during periods. Pathmeda Nari Sanjivani natural remedy helps to balance the hormones and promote normal functioning of sexual organs.Gavyamrit Nari Sanjivani is a complete and wonderful herbal product for women specially during periods.

  • Sri Sri Ayurveda Pradarashamak Vati

  • Pradarashamaka Syrup takes complete care during menstrual cycle for women.Sri Sri Ayurveda Pradarashamaka syrup is best herbal alternative for dysmenorrhoea. Sri Sri Pradarashamaka syrup can also be used in case infertility issues.Sri Sri Ayurveda has worked up hard on various health conditions affecting women and resulted Pradarashamaka syrup as a...

  • Amla Aloevera Juice Correct Digestion and keeps stomach healthy and activates Liver.Swadeshi Amla Aloevera Juice reduces the weight too So ou can use it to reduce body fat as a fat cutter

  • Swadeshi Ashokarishta work as a best regularizer for female menstrual cycle. It also control leucorrhoea. Swadeshi Ayurveda Ashokarishta provides beauty and glow of face by enhancin the blood formation. It is beneficial in pain during menstrual cycle

  • Swadeshi Chandraprabha Vati is widely known herbal medicine for urogenital disorders,pancreas disorders,diabetes,mens and womens health problems as well. It Corrects sexual disorders and disability. Swadeshi Ayurveda Chandraprabha Vati also Corrects premature ejaculation and night fall. It Relieves painful and burning micturition. It Controls diabetes and...

  • Swadeshi Kumaryasava Ayurvedic Medicine is great in digestive problems. Swadeshi Kumaryasava helps to  prevent the stomach related desease. Swadeshi Kumaryasava activate liver and spleen,improve red blood cells production,stops constipation, piles. Swadeshi Kumaryasava regulates menstural disorders,enhance the appetite,,immunite body. Swadeshi Kumarysava...

  • Ashol Tablets an unique herbal formulation known to cure Leucorrhoea, Menorrhagia, Energiser Tonic. Vyas Ashol Tablets prevents habitual abortion and makes uterus & overies healthy. It also improves libido by checking dyspareunia .

  • Ashol Syrup is an complete female tonic corrects Leucorrhoea and reduces pain menstruation . Vyas Ashol Syrup removes debility of uterus & ovaries. good for infertility & build up stamina & strength.

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