Respiratory(श्वांस संबंधी)

Listing complete range of Herbal Medicine for Respiratory Disease(High BP) from the best brands of ayurveda.These are several option in Ayurveda for Respiratory Disease(High BP).We also asure that provided Medicine will be fresh and up to date.

  • Respiratory Infection

    Listing complete range of Herbal Medicine for Respiratory Infection from the best brands of ayurveda.These are several option in Ayurveda for Respiratory Infection.We also asure that provided Medicine will be fresh and up to date.

  • Nasal Problems

    Herbal Medicine for Nasal Problems

  • Lungs Disease

    Herbal Medicine for Lungs Disease

  • Throat Problems

    Listing complete range of Herbal Medicine for Throat Problems from the best brands of ayurveda.These are several option in Ayurveda for Throat Problems.We also asure that provided Medicine will be fresh and up to date.

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  • Rs. 320

    Ayush Tablet is a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation made on the principle recommended by AYUSH MINISTRY in Influenza like Illness which is most common this days. Ayush 64 Tablet is one of the ayurvedic formulation used in respiratory infection act as antiseptic and boost immunity power. It is actually a ready to use Ayush Tablet which is easy to use and...

    Rs. 320
  • Rs. 300 In Stock

    Chhoti Dudhi Juice is the best suited herbal medicine for Cancer. It is also found very effective in stomach ulcer. Axiom Chhoti Dudhi Juice also has best results in emobysis & dicentry.It can also be used in case of diabetes. It has effective results in asthma.Quickly control internal & ecternal bleeding.

    Rs. 300
  • Rs. 200 In Stock

    Shirish  Juice has multi purpose medicinal uses. It is not only tridosh nasak but also used as anti toxic herbs. Jeevan Ras Shirish Juice cures many respiratory problem, sex related problem many more. Axiom Shirish Juice also found effective in eye problems

    Rs. 200
  • Rs. 250 In Stock

    Wheat Grass Giloy Juice increases the Haemoglobin and blood levels by nutralizing all body toxins thereby effective in almost all diseases.The combination of Wheat Grass Giloy Stem Juice known as Amrita Ras from ancient times and used to treat disease like Heart Blockages,Cancer,Kidney Failure,High B.P.,Parkinson,Arthritis,AIDS,Asthma & many other ailments.

    Rs. 250
  • Rs. 96 In Stock

    Abhrak Bhasma is useful in phthisis, diabetes, debility of old age. Baidyanath Abhrak Bhasma cures chronic fever, bronchitis, asthma,blood pressure, nervous debility, piles, palpitation of the heart, spermatorrhoea, hard breathing, asthma, coryza, leucorrhoea, stricture urethra, burning urination and retention of urine.

    Rs. 96
  • Rs. 109 In Stock

    Kanchnar Guggulu is the herb of choice in all-glandular diseases. Kachanar Guggul breaks down deep-seated kapha, supports proper function of the thyroid and the lymphatic system. It is useful in treating goitre (nodules of neck), tumors and extra growths, useful in skin diseases, sinuses and fistula.

    Rs. 109
  • Rs. 87 In Stock

    Kasamrita Cough Syrup commonly used in cough and cold, sneezing, running nose, nasal congestion, sore throat. Baidyanath Kasamrita Syrup also found effective in chronic & acute bronchitis besides whooping & asthmatic cough. Ensures relief in respiratory tract infections, liquifies & expels viscid secretion in distressing & irritating dry...

    Rs. 87
  • Rs. 219 Rs. 230 -5% In Stock

    Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its Amazing cleansing healing and energizing health qualities.  It helps to remove stomach ulcer as well as kidney stone. Applying Apple Vinegar on the skin improves the beauty and glow of the skin and make it soft. It helps to reduce body cholesterol.

    Rs. 219 Rs. 230 -5%
    Reduced price!
  • Rs. 170 In Stock

    Asthayu Awleh is best for brochial issues like asthma,chronic bromchitis, cough with or without bronchospasm and naso bronchial allergy. Basic Ayurveda Asthayu Awleh also effective for smog kind of environmental changes.

    Rs. 170
  • Rs. 209 Rs. 220 -5% In Stock

    Basil Juice is known to treat common cold,relieves cough,stress buster,improve vision and acne preventive. Basil Juice used in dyspnea, hiccups, and also helps with sore throat, bronchitis, bronchial asthma and malaria. Regular use of Basil Juice will increase the immunity of your body naturally.

    Rs. 209 Rs. 220 -5%
    Reduced price!
  • Rs. 214 Rs. 225 -5% In Stock

    This Wheatgrass with Honey is extremely rich in protein and contains 17 amino acids which considered as a building block of protein. Basic Ayurveda Grass Meal Juice known as perfect healer and can be used for cancer, anemia, diabetes,carcinogenes in the body,improve digestion,constipation, infections, skin conditions, ulcerative colitis and joint...

    Rs. 214 Rs. 225 -5%
    Reduced price!
  • Rs. 99 Rs. 110 -10% In Stock

    Lauki Juice considered as all in one solution in ayurveda. It is used in heart, pitta, cough, hunger, acidity type of common disease. It also increases the sperm count as well. Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice is pure and extracted from organic lauki

    Rs. 99 Rs. 110 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • Rs. 152 Rs. 160 -5% In Stock

    Panch Tulsi Juice is a blend of tulsi like Rama Tulsi/Shyama Tulsi,Marva Tulsi,Davna Tulsi,Ban Tulsi and Cardamom. This Panch Tulsi Ras used as anti pyretic,analgesic and expectorant. Basic Ayurveda Panch Tulsi Ras is a excellent blood purifier and immunity booster.It has anti becterial and anti-viral action. It is a great pitta & Kaf controller.

    Rs. 152 Rs. 160 -5%
    Reduced price!
  • Rs. 143 Rs. 150 -5% In Stock

    Van Tulsi Syrup is very effective herbal cough syrup to give you faster relief from chest congestion.Van Tulsi Cough Syrup can be used for children to old edge people. Basic Ayurveda Van Tulsi Syrup is one of the home remedies herbs and should be there in every home. It also facilitates the easy expectoration of tenacious mucus from the respiratory tract.

    Rs. 143 Rs. 150 -5%
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  • Rs. 110 In Stock

    Basic Ayurveda Arjunarishta is a popular medicinal tonic  for all cardicvascular problem like Blocked Arteries, Angina Enlarged, Heart Ischemia. It is also effective in chronic respiratory disease, cough, throat infection etc.

    Rs. 110
  • Rs. 110 In Stock

    Kumariasava is a medicinal syrup contains natural alchohal and water Basic Ayurveda Kumariasava regulates flow of bile to the intestine which correct the function of liver, bile duct and gall blader. Kumariasava is also very iffective in jaundice

    Rs. 110
  • Rs. 75 In Stock

    Ayush Kwath Tablets is actually a works effective immunity booster enriched with scientifically validated natural botanical Herbs . Dhootpapeshwar Ayush Kwath Tablets works on Svasa, Kasa, Kapha, Pratisyaya, antiseptic & Improves Immunity Power. Formulation Recommended by Ministry of Ayush Govt. of India.

    Rs. 75
  • Rs. 175 In Stock

    Eladi Vati Helps to relieve cough, cold, fever, hiccups, vomiting, dizziness, hematemesis (blood vomiting), and abdominal pain.

    Rs. 175
  • Rs. 85 In Stock

    Kushal Kanthil is an effective herbal remedies for Sore throat problems. It can also be used in case of cough nausea and cold. It also works as a mouth freshener

    Rs. 85
  • Rs. 300 In Stock

    Pathmeda Chyawanprash known to improve body immune system. Gavyamrit Chyawanprash contains over fourty herbs which collectively makes it a powerful immunity booster. Amla or you can say indian gooseberry is the main ingredient contains 30 times more vitamin C than oranges. It can be used by men women children and elderly people.It cures phlegm, cough,...

    Rs. 300
  • Rs. 250 In Stock

    Patanjali Special Chyawanprash With Saffron 1 kg

    Rs. 250
  • Rs. 285 In Stock

    Kesar stimulates digestion.Patanjali Kesar is also beneficial when the liver and spleen get enlarged.Patanjali Kesar extremely useful in asthama.It work as quick healer during body pain.Patanjali Saffron can also consumed during pregnancy with milk in order to enhancing pelvic blood flow and reduces the occurrence of cramps, which is common during pregnancy.

    Rs. 285
  • Rs. 70 In Stock
  • Rs. 70

    Gomutrasav is an effective herbal medicine for Asthma,Sore throat chronic cough.Pathmeda Gomutrasav is hygenically prepared herbal products. Gavyamrut Gomutrasav can be used to any age group belonging people.

    Rs. 70
  • Rs. 196 In Stock

    Shree Dhanwantri Shwasni Avaleh

    Rs. 196
  • Rs. 60 In Stock

    Harithaki is a laxative and popularly used in constipation. Sri Sri Ayurveda Haritaki Tablets also used in Tamaka Kasa (Cough), Shwasa (Dyspnoea). Haritaki Tablets is also used in the treatment of Kasa (Cough/ Due to internal chest injury). Pandu (Anaemia),Arsha (Piles/ Ano - Rectal growths), Prameha (Urinary Disorders).

    Rs. 60
  • Rs. 90 In Stock

    Tulsi Tablets is an efficient herb possesses anti-allergic properties. Sri Sri Tulsi Tablets is efficient to control the cough, respiratory problems and allergic rhinitis. Sri Sri Ayurveda Tulsi Tablets it can be also used in the problems of cough,eyes, vomiting,skin disease and worm infastation.

    Rs. 90
  • Rs. 100 In Stock

    Studies show that over the counter cough syrups are not effective in reliving cough. Sri Sri Ayurveda Kasahara Vati is a tasty, chewable, effective herbal formulation against cough, cold and sore throat. So next time you suffer from cough, chew on Kasahara Vati and get immediate relief.

    Rs. 100
  • Rs. 100 In Stock

    Sri Sri Sitopaladi Churna is one of the best medicine for cough. Sri Sri Ayurveda Sitopaladi Churna is helpful to increase appetite.It is useful in various other respiratory problems,it is specially made for seasonal cough and cold. It is excellent soothing aid in dry and productive cough.

    Rs. 100
  • Rs. 235 In Stock

    Nigella Oil Capsules support the liver and useful in gall bladder inflammation. Kalonji Oil Capsules known to improve digestion system and helpful in condition like gas, colic, diarhhea,dysentery,constipation and hemorrhoids. Kalonji Capsule also helpful in respiratory conditions like asthama cough,emphysema.flu swine flu and congestion.

    Rs. 235
  • Rs. 250 In Stock

    Sri Sri Honey made of bees foragig nectar from flowers. Since it is the pure in quality so, Make Sri Sri Ayurveda Honey as a part of your daily meal in order to have healthy joint and flexible body. It is

    Rs. 250
  • Rs. 50 In Stock

    Sri Sri Kanchanara Guggulu is the herb of choice in all-glandular diseases. Sri Sri Tattva Kanchanar Guggulu breaks down deep-seated kapha, supports proper function of the thyroid and the lymphatic system. It is useful in treating goitre (nodules of neck), tumors and extra growths, useful in skin diseases, sinuses and fistula.

    Rs. 50
  • Rs. 120 In Stock

    Immugen Tablet plays a key role in combating with conditions affecting the immune system & respiratory tract diseases. Amla, Amruth & Tulsi present in the Sri Sri Immugen Tablet are proven to have Immuno-modulating, enhancing & adoptogenic activities which makes this formulation a unique one.

    Rs. 120
  • Rs. 100 In Stock

    Sri Sri Ayurveda Amla Tablet.

    Rs. 100
  • Rs. 120 In Stock

    Kushmanda Rasayana is a great herbal formulation from Sri Sri Ayurveda has amazing results in chronic respiratory disorders. Sri Sri Kushmanda Rasayana is an excellent health tonic for the body and immunity.Kushmanda Rasayana can also be used in case of Bleeding disorders. Human liver can be strengthened greatly with its use.

    Rs. 120
  • Rs. 55 In Stock

    Karela Churn is the best natural remedies to maintain healthy blood sugar level, cholesterol level, triglyceride level.Karela Churn can be in skin diseases and kidney stone as well.Swadeshi Karela Churn is also usefull in obesity,poisoning and fever.

    Rs. 55
  • Rs. 65 In Stock

    Kanth Sudharak Vati not only cure throat problems but it also improves the appetite & digestion by reducing the kapha in the Gl tract and helps to reduce the gas. Unjha Kanth Sudharak Vati pulls out the sputum from Respiratory tract & cures the cough & asthma of any origin.

    Rs. 65
  • Rs. 80 In Stock

    Baheda Powder is very effective in treating respiratory diseases due to cold. Using Baheda Powder helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.Baheda powder consumption with honey mix acts a natural tonic. Herbal Hills Baheda Powder is used in various eye ailments, such as myopia, corneal opacity, pterigium, immature cataract, chronic and acute infective...

    Rs. 80
  • Rs. 70 In Stock

    Yogi Kanthika helps in providing relief to all throat related problems. It soothe the severe sore throat pain and irritation. If you are not able to have good nights sleep due to sore throat remember yogi kanthika. It is 100% Sugar Free and can be consumed by for Diabetic patients It also Relieves your throat from all illness with no side effects

    Rs. 70
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