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  • Apamarg juice is very useful in teeth and gum disorders. Jeevan Ras Apamarg juice can also use in kidney diseases,gall bladder stone vaginal or uterus infection or diseases, acidity, itching, skin infection. Axiom Apamarg juice is useful in snake scorpion,rat and dogs bite poisons.

  • Giloy Juice is widely used and very effective herbal medicine for viral fever,improve immunity, reduce cholesterol. It can also be used in case of urinal problems like frequent urination(quizlet). Giloy Leaf Juice is prepared from giloy stem grown organically and hygenic condition.

  • Kumariasava is a medicinal syrup contains natural alchohal and water Basic Ayurveda Kumariasava regulates flow of bile to the intestine which correct the function of liver, bile duct and gall blader. Kumariasava is also very iffective in jaundice

  • Aloe Liv Kare Syrup known to increase appetite, improve liver dysfunction, IMC Aloe Liv Kare Syrup Highly effective for jaundice, hepatitis, spleen and liver diseases.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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