Spleen Enlargement

Herbal Medicine for Spleen Enlargement

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    Bathua Juice is good for heart it work as heart tonic. Bathua Leaf Juice improves the level of haemoglobin. It is a well known traditional medicine for intestinal parasites. Axiom Bathua Juice improves appetite as well.

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    Vidarikand Juice found very effective in weakness and power loss. It is also Useful in urinary problems. It helps lactating mother to increase milk deficiency. It prevents the liver / spleen enlargement. 

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    Kesar stimulates digestion.Patanjali Kesar is also beneficial when the liver and spleen get enlarged.Patanjali Kesar extremely useful in asthama.It work as quick healer during body pain.Patanjali Saffron can also consumed during pregnancy with milk in order to enhancing pelvic blood flow and reduces the occurrence of cramps, which is common during pregnancy.

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    Patanjali Lohasava enhances the production of new RBC'S. Patanjali Lohasava Syrup helps to remove anaemia by increasing iron dificiency.Patanjali Lohasava also do physical and metal development.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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