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  • Bhringraj Juice is a wonderful herbal remedy for common found hair problems like Premature Greying of Hair, Hair fall, Loss of shine, Weakening of Hairs, loss of Nourishment to hair and Scalp. Jeevan Ras Bhringraj Juice also boost up immunity internally and work as a excellent rejuvenator. Adding some drops of Axiom Bhringraj Juice helps to cure ear ache.

  • Marigold Juice found very effective in piles. This Marigold Flower Juice also found effective in premature ejaculation. It can also be used as ear drops during ear pain. Marigold Leaf Juice also known to cure Blemish,Pimples,Skin Disorders,itching and Posriasis.

  • Shirish  Juice has multi purpose medicinal uses. It is not only tridosh nasak but also used as anti toxic herbs. Jeevan Ras Shirish Juice cures many respiratory problem, sex related problem many more. Axiom Shirish Juice also found effective in eye problems

  • Patanjali Special Chyawanprash With Saffron 1 kg

  • Pathmeda Gomay Tail is completely a herbal and panchgavya medicince effective in case Ear deafness, hearing loss, giving pus in the ear in use today come. It is prepared with maintained quality standards and in hygenic conditions.

  • Surbhi Nasika Oshdhi cures migrain and helps in illnesses such as insomnia, sinus, allergy from dust and other such diseases. Surbhi Nasika Aushadhi buy online from swadeshaj swadeshi store

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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