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Listing wide range of Khadi Products Online these khadi herbal products are from the best institutions of khadi like Khadi Natural, Khadi Pure, Khadi Mauri and many more. These Khadi Natural Products are of best quality in affordable price.

Listing wide range of Khadi Products Online these khadi herbal products are from the best institutions of khadi like Khadi Natural, Khadi Pure, Khadi Mauri and many more. These Khadi Natural Products are of best quality in affordable price.. Khadi Organic Products are Checked for purity, Tested against harmful reactants, Checked for balanced chemical composition and Alkali, Fragrance test, 100% khadi fabrics. So, Buy maximum range of Khadi Gramodyog from our Khadi Store in Noida best discount. These listed Khadi Gramodyog Products widely accepted across the nation.

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  • Apricot Body Wash get rid of dry and dead skin cells makes skin radiant with this Khadi Apricot Body Wash. Apricot Body Wash is made of natural ingredients such as Armeniaca, Juglans Regia, Walnut, Tulsi, Ghrith Kumari, Manjishtah, Narikela and Lemon Oil, to name a few. 

  • Khadi Jasmine boy wash is designed for tender,baby soft and sensitive skin.Jasmine body wash helps alleviating itch,prickly heatand helps to soothes and heal skin. 

  • Rose Sandal body wash soap is mostly usefull to provide moister to skin. Rose Sandal body wash soap contains Rose to make your skin soft and Sandal to provide your skin a natural glow

  • Sandal  Body Wash is a mild moisturizing bathing bar for daily use that keeps your body clean, it contains sandal that makes your skin healthy and problem free

  • Almond Soap is a moisturising bathing soap which is enriched with rejuvenating virtues of Almond oil that makes skin soft,smooth, and supple.Khadi Almond Body Wash makes skin youthful and visibly radiant 

  • Clove Essential Oil prominently used in dental care. Because of its germicidal properties of the oil make it very effective for relieving dental pain, tooth ache, sore gums and mouth ulcers. This Clove Bud Essential Oil extracted from the through the process of steam distillation.

  • Jasmine Essential Oil is known to have miraculous effect on the mind. Jasmine Oil is also a very good antiseptic and disinfectant.

  • Lavender Oil is the most used essential oil in the world. Khadi Lavender Oil restores the skin complexion and reduces acne. It also slows aging due to its powerful antioxidants properties. It also found effective in eczema and psoriasis kind of skin related disease. Known to Alleviates headaches as well.

  • Rose Essential Oil helps a nervous mind. It is found very effective in respiratory tract infection. Rose Oil known for its properties like antidepressant, anti-phlogistic, anti-septic, emenagogue, haemostatic, hepatic, laxative, antispasmodic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal, cholagogue, cicatrisant, depurative, nervine, stomachic and...

  • Khadi All Purpose Face Cream expected to use in Two Purposes mostly Makeup Removal and Moisturizer for Dry Skin. Khadi All Purpose Cream is popularly used face cream among all khadi creams

  • Khadi Facial Massage Gel shows wonderful effect even on acne prone skin. It dry off pimples fast. Khadi Aloevera Neem Basil Massage Gel made from pure herbal extracts of Aloevera Neem & Basil. What makes it special is it will suits all skin types.

  • Khadi Night Cream a rich night cream that not only moisturizes but add comforts and calmness to the skin during sleep. Khadi Natural Night Cream helps to restore its natural defense system and moisture barrier. So, if you like radiant and rejuvenated skin in every morning must try this Khadi Herbal Night Cream .

  • Khadi Sandal Olive Nourishing Cream best suited for oily skin and It keeps skin moisturized for longer. Sheabutter and cocoa butter as a main ingrediants of Khadi Natural Sandal Olive Cream act as natural moisturizers which allow the skin to breathe.

  • Khadi Under Eye Gel removes Dark Circles naturally as it contains several herbs extract. Khadi Dark Circle Cream helps to remove dark circles under eyes if you regularly massage with it.

  • Khadi Fairness Cream a tested & proven fairness cream for their skin lightening & rejuvenating properties.This Khadi  Aloevera Saffron Cream is free from harmful chemical skin bleaches. Khadi Fairness Cream promotes skin lightening, reduces age spots, improves skin tone & makes skin, soft smooth & wrinkle free.

  • This Khadi Face Freshener freshens up the face skin by removing dirt and cleansing pores through its active herbs like neem where as Basil protects the skin from germs makes skin soft and fresh instantly. This Khadi Face Freshener will show you magic with 30 seconds. Khadi Neem Cucumber Face Freshener are widely used among the people

  • Khadi Anti Acne Face Mask contains natural oil as a base. It is herbal blend of Neem, Basil and Mint to give cooling sensation to the skin. This Anti Acne Face Mask helps skin to get rid of the daily build up of toxins underneath your skin and at the same time get rid of bacteria,germs and dirt embedded in your skin to give it a natural glow.

  • Anti Wrinkle Face Mask is enriched with saffron, papaya, sandal oil, almond oil and wheat germ oil. Khadi Anti Wrinkle Face Mask brights the skin tone and gives a youthful appearance to skin. This Anti Wrinkle Face Mask is a complete herbal blend to keep your skin wrinnkle free for longer.

  • Khadi Rose Face Mask is an great combination of herbs & extract. Rose Face Mask works as an anti aging content and very beneficial for any mature skin. you can use khadi rose mask on your face, neck, shoulders and hands for an instant glow. khadi rose face mask to prevents dryness and gives healthy moisture and natural strength to the skin.

  • Khadi Natural Fruit Face Pack rejuvenate the skin and gives radiant look. This Mix Fruit Face Pack is suitable for oily and dry skin as well. In summers it can be used with rose water or lemon juice and in winter it can be used with curd or milk. Herbal Fruit Face Pack also repairs the dead cells and provide sufficient nourishment and glow to the skin.

  • Use Khadi Neem Face Pack to protect your skin from daily underneath toxins, bacteria, germs etc. This Neem Face Pack is very targeted to remove dirt embedded in skin, also helps to open the clogged pores of skin and to give a healthy glow. Khadi Herbal Neem Face Pack is a great solution to exfoliat your skin.

  • Neem Tulsi Face Pack is useful for removing pimples. Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Pack also reduces skin wrinkles & make skin tightend & beautiful. It maintain the shine and glow of the skin specially in summers.

  • Rose Orange Face Pack suitable for oily skin. Softens and provide natural glow and freshness to skin. Regular usage of Khadi Rose Orange Face Pack helps prevent pigmentation, acne and pimples.

  • khadi sandal rose face pack gives clean & polished look to the skin This Sandal Rose Face Pack improves the skin complexion. It can be used for both dry and oily skin.For oily skin it can be used with rose water and for dry skin it can be used with milk. Using this khadi Natural sandal rose face pack your skin will feel natural coolness

  • It is one the most popular Khadi Face Pack used among the khadi users. Sandal Wood Face Pack detoxifies the skin making it look clearer.Khadi Sandal Wood Face Pack Gives cooling sensation to the skin when mixed with rose water and helps in Helps in keeping skin clean and radiant. It suits all skin types. This Khadi Sandalwood Powder also prevents pimples...

  • If you like to have velvet like skin softness and want to keep your skin glow throughout the day Khadi Fruit Face Pack with Papaya & Strawberry is the best option for you. This herbal fruit face pack is a fine & gentle powder pack containing a unique blend of nourishing fruits & florals.

  • Aloevera Face Wash is an effective cleanser. Khadi Aloevera Face Wash acts as scrub as well. Scrub particles in it act as a good exfoliator makes skin smooth and soft. Khadi Aloe Vera Face Wash removes dirt and oil effectively.

  • Fenugreek Face Wash detoxifies the skin making it look clearer. Khadi Fenugreek Face Wash Gives cooling sensation to the skin when mixed with rose water and helps in keeping skin clean and radiant. It is suitable for all skin types. It prevents pimples from reoccurring.

  • Khadi Herbal Face Wash will give you clear and clean skin by removing dirt from the skin and at the same time it also prevents the dryness

  • Honey Face Wash removes dirt toxin and polutants from the skin. Khadi Honey Face Wash works to smooth the skin texture and softens the skin tone. Honey Face Wash Khadi hydrates skin for youthfull appearance and looks vibrant.

  • Khadi Lemon Teatree Face Wash is a herbal face-wash that is anti-acne and prevents pimples. It is best suitable of Oily Skin as it dries skin a bit but will not make you uncomfortable. It is SLS and paraben-free face wash.

  • Neem Face Wash is a herbal formulation that generally removes impurities and prevents pimples. Khadi Herbal Neem Face Wash Enriched with neem oil and tea tree oil.

  • Khadi Orange Lemongrass Face Wash is a gentle, oil free and foaming face wash used to removes impurities. It treats the skin, leaving it soft and clean.Orange Lemongrass Face Wash is best suitable for both dry and oily skin. It has an oil balancing formula.

  • Orange Face Wash detoxifies the skin making it look clearer. This Khadi Face Wash Gives cooling sensation to the skin when mixed with rose water and helps in Helps in keeping skin clean and radiant.Khadi Orange Face Wash suits all skin types.Orange Face Wash prevents pimples from reoccurring.

  • Rose Face Wash is good for oily skin makes your skin looking healthy & glowing radiantly. Khadi Rose Face Wash gently cleanses the skin while it works to refine the skin's texture and softens the skin tone.

  • khadi Strawberry Face Wash work as excellent cleanser. It acts as excellent skin toner on dry skin

  • Use Khadi Herbal Hair Color Black regularly to maintain the blackness of hair. Herbal Hair Color Black mask the grey and keep hair in good condition.

  • Khadi Natural Herbal Indigo Hair Color gives hair colour between blue and violet. Mixed  with Heena gives good dark brown colour not the orange colour.

  • This Red Hair Colour is a vegetal dye, which on fair hair leaves a reddish brown colour. Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Colour Red will lean on your natural hair colour.

  • Khadi Herbal Mehndi rejuvenates your hair quality.Apply Khadi Black Mehndi regularly to maintain the blackness of hair. Khadi Mauri Herbal Black Mehndi mask the grey and keep hair in good condition. Henna is the base ingredient for this Khadi Mauri Black Henna.

  • Khadi Manav Herbal Black Powder is one of the widely accepted among all institutions of khadi Black mehndi as it is totally chemically free

  • Khadi Brown Mehndi conditions & soften hair,fight dandruff and maked hair healthy. This Herbal Brown Mehndi from khadi add natural darkness to hair and shining as well. Khadi Mauri Herbal Brown Mehndi has no side effect and also very effective and simple in usage.

  • Khadi Herbal Greentea Aloevera Hair Conditioner

  • Khadi Orange Lemongrass Hair Conditioner revitalizes hair and moisturizes damaged hair and strengthens it. This khadi Paraben Free Hair Conditioner prevents hair fall and makes it shiny & bouncy.

  • Khadi Shikakai Honey Hair Conditioner is a 100% natural product. It makes hair soft, amendable & keeps scalp taintless & healthy. This Khadi SLS Free Hair Conditioner makes your hair look blooming and bouncy.

  • Khadi Hair Conditioning Cream is specially formulated for dry and damaged hair. Khadi Hair Conditioning Cream is a natural conditioners with Apricot Oil, Hibiscus, Jojoba Oil, Aloe and Brahmi fights dryness, moisturize and repairs the dry & damaged hair, promotes scalp health, improves combability, volume & bounce leading to healthier, shinier and...

  • Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Cream brings uprightness in your hair. A natural hair cream full of morality, Khadi Protein Hair Cream nourishes the hair origin and shaft. 

  • Khadi Natural 18 Herbs Hair Oil is utilized for relaxation, improves density and makes the hair soft & strong, Khadi 18 Herbs Herbal Hair Oil also helps to cool down scalp, anti-dandruff, relinquish smooth and convenient hair.

  • Khadi 21 Herbs Hair Oil helps to cool down scalp aid smoothness to hair .It is anti depressant applied to have relaxation. Recommended to use it over night for the best results and wash it in the morning.

  • Khadi Amla Hair Oil soak deep into the root of the hair strengthen its shaft. It is known to prevent premature greying, thinning, and damaged of hairs. If you want your hair to be shiny and bouncy hair must try this Amla hair Oil. If you want your hair to be shiny and bouncy hair must try this Amla hair Oil. So, It is a complete hair growth booster while...

  • Buy Anti Dandruff Oil,Khadi Anti Dandruff Oil,Anti Dandruff Oil Khadi,Anti Dandruff Oil online at swadeshaj Khadi store.

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