Pathmeda Gavyamrit - Panchgavya Ghrit

Panchgavya Ghrita is the best remedies for mirgi,madness, mental weakness, headache, physical weakness,sleeplessness and many more.Panchgavya Ghrit is well known aushadhi for any kind of mental weakness.Pathmeda Panchgavya Ghrit prepared with purity and made from desi cow panchagavya products.

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Before using any cookware must watch this video Click Here to know its Benefit and How to Use.
* All Clay products should be used on low flame and must be handled carefully.
* I know it is just clay and expensive than metal. So, If you want its life to be longer use this cooking pot for boiling purpose only.Specially it is not recommended to use for Shallow Fry & Deep Fry (It mostly breaks during Shallow Fry).What you can do make a shallow fry in other metal pot and shift it to this clay pot after that.You will find actual clay cooking taste.

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मिर्गी,पागलपन,दिमाग की कमजोरी, अनिन्द्र,क्रोध नेत्रों के राग,सिर दर्द आदि में लाभकारी तथा शक्तिवर्धक है।।

  • Desi Cow Milk
  • Desi Cow Gaumutra
  • Desi Cow Gomay Ras
  • Desi Cow Curd

  • It is best herbal and ayurvedic medicine for mirgi,madness, mental weakness, headache, physical weakness,sleeplessness.

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