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Greenviv Herbals is a Delhi based company with focus to produce herbal and natural body care products.Greenviv Products are herbal and not tested on animals.So,I request you give a try to this herbal blend collection from Greenviv.

Greenviv Herbals is a Delhi based company with focus to produce herbal and natural body care products.Greenviv Products are herbal and not tested on animals.So,I request you give a try to this herbal blend collection from Greenviv.

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  • Natural Herbal extracts and essential oils added to this Aloevera After Shave hydrate, refresh and tone the skin and repair minor cuts after Shave.Use Greeniv Aloevera After Shave to give your skin a radiant look with healthy dose of antioxidants & skin-repairing ingredients and give Refreshing & Soothing sensation

  • Greenviv Natural Baby Lotion moisturize and nourish baby senstive skin is very gentally with Natural Oils and Butters. Greenviv Baby Body Lotion keeps it simple, No fragrance oils, No unnecessary additives, only pure natural oils and ingredients that naturally moisturize and nourish baby's skin. Lavender, Chamomile & Calendula can help to calm even...

  • Greenviv Baby Massage Oil

  • This Greenviv Baby Wash Natural Head to Toe Baby wash cleanse and nourish baby sensitive skin very gently . It is rich in h Virgin Olive Oi, calming Lavender & Chamomile Fragrance. It has no unneccesary addictives. it has just pure natural oils which naturally cleanse the sensitive skin of baby and make it smile.

  • Greenviv natural brightening face pack- Sandalwood & Turmeric Sandalwood, used in a variety of ways, it can prevent from oil secretion, skin dryness, pimples, spots etc. Turmeric known as chandan, can prove to be one of the top solution for all your skin problems.

  • Greenviv Face Pack Chocolate Vanilla

  • Greenviv Face Pack Rose Yoghurt

  • This Brown Sugar Face Scrub removes dead cells and polish skin. very well.It is a complete home facial treatment with a unique natural formulation that rejuvenate and cleanse your skin impurities, to reveal a natural glow.

  • Greenviv Face Scrub Oatmeal Honey

  • This Herbal Face Toner with Aloevera and Lemongrass refreshes the skin and restores the pH balance of the skin. Lower the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants like dirt, grime etc. Since, Lemongrass and Aloevera is an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial herb. This means it will help limit bacterial or microbial growth on the skin. 

  • Use Face Toner with Rose and Geranium to give your skin a blooming dose of antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients. Beneficial for all type of skins. The antioxidant properties of rose help to empower skin cells and regenerate skin tissues. It also helps to revitalize aging skin and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

  • Greenviv Face Wash Tea Tree & Neem clease smoothly and leave a oil free clean face. This Tea Tree Neem Facewash also helps in moisturizing your skin and prevents from acne and pimples. Natural neem face wash contains high level of antioxidants which preserve the skin from environmental damage.

  • Greenviv Face Wash - Turmeric & Sandalwood clean gentally and leave glowing clear face. Greenviv Turmeric & Sandalwood Face Wash is very effective in the treatment of acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can fight pimples and breakouts to provide a youthful glow to your skin.

  • Greenviv Green Apple Soap

  • This Natural Hair Conditioner is made with 15 Hair profitable Herbal Extracts and essential oil blend, which condition, nourish and leave Hair glossy, shiny and smooth. Lavender and Tulsi can be a expressive source in promoting healthy hair growth.

  • This is a Natural Hair Conditioner which is made up of 10 Natural Oils and Butters. It consists of 15 Hair Benificial Herbal extracts and essential oils which can nourish your hair and leave them smooth and glossy.  It is chocked full of phthalates, petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, triclosan and aluminum.

  • Greenviv Natural and Herbal Hair oil is mainly used to add shine, volume and enhance natural highlights. This natural and herbal hair oil is quite beneficial in all type of Hair problems i.e. Hair loss/fall/thining, Oily hair and scalp, Hair Lice and make Hair lengthy, strong, add volume and make your hair shinier, smoother and easier to manage.  

  • Its a kind of Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. As we all know Vinegar is extremely beneficial for oily hair, itchy scalp, dandruff, dull hair, and other scalp conditions. Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Wash contains 20 hair beneficial Herbal Extracts add shine, volume, smoothness and clear Hair.

  • Greenviv Hair Wash - Lavender & Tulsi

  • Greenviv Hand Wash Minty Citrus

  • Greenviv Hand Wash Sea Breeze

  • This Lemon Soap is a good remedy for increasing the luster of dull skin. Greenviv Lemon Soap is astringent and detoxifying in nature, and rejuvenates sagging or tired-looking skin. Its antiseptic properties help in treating pimples and various skin disorders.

  • Greenviv natural glow face cream- Rose & Geranium is 100 % Natural and Vegetarian face cream. It has no nasty ingredients i.e. phthalates, artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes. Natural glow face cream improves complexion of your face.

  • Smell it, tinge it and Love it! Whisked  with Cocoa & kokum Butters and Natural Oils this lip balm promises not to spread easily, does not feel sticky on the lips and also possess the moisture in your lips but also it helps in prevent cracks, dryness and repairs sun damage.

  • Natural Lip Balm with Strawberry and Beetroot is a great alternative for those who don't regularly wear lipstick. This lip balm is more polished and glossier recipe that lipstick, and more like a traditional lip gloss.This Strawberry and Beetroot Lip Balm is made with completely natural ingredients and a little goes a really long way.

  • Your lips will love you for using this natural sugar lip scrub which will Smooth away your lip troubles with this sweet cocoa sugar lip scrub loaded with natural oils and honey is perfect for emulsive & softening your lips every day for that pristine condition

  • Greenviv Shaving Soap

  • This Rice Bran Soap is a Natural Moisturizer Enriched with Herbs, Extracts and Oils that give Natural Whitening to skin with luxury Bathing Experience. This Natural Rice Bran Soap is 100% natural free from harmful toxins.

Showing 1 - 31 of 31 items

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