Arthritis / Gout( गठिया )

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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Rheumatide Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis

    Listing wide range of Herbal Medicine for Osteoarthritis from the best brands of ayurveda.These Ayurvedic Medicine for Osteoarthritis are herbal and widely accepted.These are the hardly found option in Ayurveda for Osteoarthritis.So, take benefits of this and let people aware of these Herbal Medicine for Osteoarthritis.

  • Gouty Arthritis

    Listing wide range of Herbal Medicine for Gouty Arthritis from the best brands of ayurveda.These Ayurvedic Medicine for Gouty Arthritis are herbal and widely accepted.These are the hardly found option in Ayurveda for Gouty Arthritis.So, take benefits of this and let people aware of these Herbal Medicine for Gouty Arthritis.

    Causes:It happens due to increased level of uric acid in the joints

    For mens: If uric acid is upper than 7.2 mg/dl

    For womens: If uric acid is upper than 6.1 mg/dl

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  • Axiom Allrid Oil effective in all kind of physical and nerve pain. Allrid Oil gives quick relief in Arthritis,Gout and Sciatica Pains.

  • Aloe Vera Juice controls the constipation,Gatric & Lever problems. Aloevera juice found effective in Arthritis & Joint Pains. Jeevan Ras Aloe Vera juice control Blood Pressure as well. Axiom Aloe Vera juice prepared by Axiom ayurveda is pure and herbal and claims No WATER ADDED

  • Aloe Vera for Arthritis is one of the best and pure alternative for Arthritis patients as well as for cervical Suffering people. This Aloevera for Arthritis also known as Aloevera COD 14 Arthritis. Axiom Aloevera COD 14 is also best in constipation and improve digestion.

  • Giloy Stem Juice helps to cure diabetes.Giloy Stem Juice found very effective in Rheumatide Arthritis .Giloy Stem Juice Protects and efective in all kind of flue and fever infection.Axiom Giloy Stem Juice has best result in acidity and indigestion.Giloy Stem Juice controls the three humors of the body like phlegm,bile,wind.

  • Makoye Juice helps to cure Arthritis, Joint Pain, Rheumatism, Psoriasis. Jeevan Ras Makoye Juice is also used in case of prostate and spleen enlargment. It works well in kidney and gall bladder swelling. Axiom Makoye Juice can be used in asthama and diarrhhoea as well

  • Axiom Vatomrita controls vat humour of the body.

  • Nirgundi Juice helps to cure Rheumatide Arthritis, Joint Pains & Gout.Jeevan Ras Nirgundi Juice balances all three humours of body viz. Phlegm, Bile and Wind. Axiom Nirgundi Juice is exremely effective in migraine & headache.

  • Triphala Juice Corrects digestion,Controls blood pressure ,Improves eyesight,Controls unwanted greying and falling of hair, Makes the body slim and smart. Triphla Juice also Controls the harmful effects of Diabetes,Purifies blood and makes body healthy. Axiom Triphala Juice increases the haemoglobin percentage in the blood.

  • Badal Pain Oil is a time tested herbal formulation has un-parallel result in curing years old muscles pain. It is manufactured under aseptic condition by automated machines. Badal Joint Pain Oil is useful in pain associated with diabetes, tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue,  sport injuries, sprains, stiffness, knee pain, muscular pain, joint pain, back ache,...

  • Ekangveer Ras is one of the popular medicine for vata Rogas like paralysis, sciatica, hemiplegia, paraplegia etc.

  • Rheumartho Gold prepared with pure gold and it is highly effective on Rheumatide arthritis & chronic joint pains. Baidyanath Rheumartho Gold locks the progression of the disease involved joints

  • Rheumartho Gold Plus prepared with pure gold and it is highly effective on Rheumatide arthritis & chronic joint pains. Baidyanath Rheumartho Gold Plus locks the progression of the disease involved joints

  • Rasraj Ras is one of the known medicine in ayurveda to treat Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Lockjaw. Baidyanath Rasraj Ras continuous uses tones up the system and provides strength to the body.

  • Methi Powder is antihyperlipidemics, anti-stress and hepatoprotectives by its core nature. Fenugreek Seed Powder is a proven anti-diabetics medicine. This Fenugreek Powder is extremely beneficial in any kind of problem related to cardiovascular system as well. Basic Ayurveda Methi Powder is popularly consumed by Diabetic patients.

  • Wheatgrass Powder smooths the human digestion system. It is a dietary supplement obtained from extracting the dehydrated juice of wheatgrass.As research says Wheat Grass Powder contains certain alkaline minerals that provide relief from constipation, ulcers and diarrhea.

  • Aloe Amla Mix Juice is suitable combination for diabetes patients which contains Aloe vera and Amla Juice in 50 50 ratio. Basic Ayurveda Aloe Amla Mix Juice gives you the befits of Indian gooseberry (Amla) and Aloe vera in one juice.This combination is for those who dont like to bother to mix it every morning.

  • Basic Ayurveda Ayurah Syrup gives long-term relief in arthritis, gout, sciatica, lumbago, paralysis and other joint pains.In vital case of Arthritis & rheumatism make it impossible to perform even the simplest functions in life, like walking & bending. Ayurh Syrup gives permanent from the join pain in hands, feet, hips & knee.

  • Bitter Gourd Juice contains a hypoglycemic compound(a plant insulin) that is highly beneficial in lowering sugar levels in blood and urine.Basic ayurveda Bitter Gourd Juice is a best ayurvedic alternative for diabetic patients.Bitter Gourd Juice itself has ability to finish diabetes completely.

  • Mahanarayan Tel a complete care oil for Vat Rogas. Basic Ayurveda Mahanarayan Tel is a complete herbal blend for all kind of Joints,Muscles & Back Pain. Massage with Mahanarayan Tail helps to provide quick & lasting relief from joint pains, backache, pain in the ribs, groin and calf injuries or pain in any part of the body etc.

  • Basic Ayurveda Nirgundi Ras helps to cure Rheumatide Arthritis, Joint Pains & Gout. It balances all three humours of body viz. Phlegm, Bile and Wind. Basic Ayurveda Nirgundi Juice is exremely effective in migraine & headache.

  • Noni Virgin Juice is a miracle herb used in several health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, aches, pains, burns, arthritis, inflammation, tumors, the effects of aging, and parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections.One of the greatest Health benefits of Noni Juice include prevention of cancer, protection and healthy functioning of liver.

  • Panch Tulsi Juice is a blend of tulsi like Rama Tulsi/Shyama Tulsi,Marva Tulsi,Davna Tulsi,Ban Tulsi and Cardamom. This Panch Tulsi Ras used as anti pyretic,analgesic and expectorant. Basic Ayurveda Panch Tulsi Ras is a excellent blood purifier and immunity booster.It has anti becterial and anti-viral action. It is a great pitta & Kaf controller.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its Amazing cleansing healing and energizing health qualities. Applying Apple Cider Vinegar on the skin improves the beauty and glow fo the skin and make it soft.Apple Cider Vinegar helps to remove stomach ulcer as well as kidney stone.Basic Ayurveda Apple Cider Vinegar helps to reduce body cholesterol.

  • Vedantak Vati as it name says it ends the pain permanently and quickly.Vedantak Vati is completely a herbal oil to get relief from Joint Pain,body pain,Soulder pain,Gout and Swealing. Cosmo Vedant Vedantak Vati is regularly prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctor and found effective in the joint pain after fever.

  • Mahanarayan Tail prepared with seasame oil as a base and processed in various medicinal herbs to improve the strength of muscles bones and joints. It is effective for all kind of arthritic disorders specially for osteoarthritis. Dabur Mahanarayan Tail gives instant relief from knee pain. It can be used with any age group from children, adults to elderly...

  • Dabur Rheumatil Oil is a complete herbal blend to provide quick relief in arthritis kind of joints and muscular pain. Rheumatil Oil bring softness to muscle stiffness quickly just give slow massage with Rheumatil Oil over affected area

  • Rheumatil Gel is a pain relieving oinment,thats cure all types of joints pain and muscular pain. Dabur Rheumatil Gel gives relief in all arthritic conditions associated with swelling and stiffness, muscular strain and sprains, other traumatic injuries associated with swelling

  • Dabur Rheumatil Tablets is a pain relieving ayurvedic medicine to gives quick relief from rheumatism related joint pain. Dabur Rheumatil Capsule very effective herbal blend for Gout, Osteoarthritis, Frozen shoulder, Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis, Arthralgia, Joint pain and Muscular pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis Traumatic inflammatory...

  • Dhootpapeshwar Rasaraj Ras found extremely effective in all kind of Vat Rogas. It is also found effective in disorders of vertebral column & Jeerna - Dhatukshyajanya Vatavyadhi. It reduces nervine irritation & inflammation, helps in strengthening them.

  • Gorakhmundi Powder si extremely useful in uric acid and kidney related issues. It completely cares vat related issues like Gout,Arthritis and joint pain. Sphaeranthus indicus Powder also found effective in eye sight weakness and skin disease. It can also used during the veginal pain in female

  • Mahanarayan Oil Useful in emaciation,rhemuatic pain, paralysis, gout, hemiplegic, Joint pain & Backache. Gurukul Mahanarayan Oil can be used in Hearing loss,Facial palsy,Deafness,tremors,Paraplegia.

  • Gurukul Prabhat Ashram Vat Nashni Sudha 500ml

  • Vijaysar Powder known to cure joint pains as it fulfill the calcium required in body. Herbal Hills Vijaysar Powder Control Blood Sugar Level in Diabetes. Vijaysar is well-known remedy to take care of diabetes. It is said to have rejuvenative properties

  • Artho Vati is a complete herbal blend to cure chikungunya post fever pain. You can see Artho Vati results from the day one itself as it guarantees " दर्द का तुरन्त ईलाज ". Its perfection is due to its herbal combination which is unique and result oriented. It is great research of Indian Ayurveda specially for chikungunya.

  • Kanticoy Joint Pain Capsule as the people age rises the synovial fluid a natural lubricator that protects your joints, begins to break down. This causes to friction on joint cartilage as well as pain and reduced mobility. Kanticoy Joint Pain Capsule is specially formulated and great herbal blend to cure Joint Pains,Gout,Arthritis and muscles pain as well.

  • Kudos Joint pain kit get rid of weakness in bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, etc. Kudos Joint pain Relief Kit helps in restoring synovial fluid. As, in arthritis cartilage is damaged and synovial fluid is dried up resulting in pain in joints. Due to this the person is unable to lead a normal life.

  • Kudos V1 work as a magic bullet for Arthritis Patients. Kudos V1 Tablet cures Arthritis Patients permanently from intense pain and a dependent life. It is a Pharmacologically and Clinically Assured Herbal Drug.

  • Moringa Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) helps in complete management of diabetes. It is a famous herb used mainly for the treatment of osteo-arthritis and muscular pains. Kudos Moringa Shallaki is widely used as a substitute to modern pain killer medicines. It also possesses promises on cancer treatment. 

  • Sahacharadi Kashayam is an effective remedy for vatarogas like Back pains especially Low back pains, Lumbar Spondylosis and Sciatica. Nagarjuna Sahacharadi Kashayam also recommended skin diseases, impotency and diabetes. It also purifies and detoxifies the blood.

  • Ortho Care Juice is best for those people suffering from deep joint pain ,bone and nerve weakness. NutriOrg Ortho Care Juice gives permanent relief from muscle pain, joint pain, and backache. It also works in joint pain due to injuries or trauma. Ortho Care Juice NutriOrg helpful in common post fever joint pain issues like stiffness in the morning.

  • Organic India Flexibility add lubrication to the joint by increasing sinovial fluid found in the joints. It is an effective herbal blend to protect and repair joints and tissues, reduces inflammation, improves joint mobility as well. Organic India Flexibility Capsules also soothes muscle spasm. It Relieves pain and work as a excellent herbal alternative...

  • patanjali aloe vera juice with fibre used in case of acidity,stomach disorder,gas,joint paint and many more.Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice with fibre has all the medicinal values present in the plant as it is not chemically treated while processing.

  • Aloe Vera Orange Juice used in case of acidity,stomach disorder,gas,joint paint and many more.Patanjali Aloe Vera orange juice has all the medicinal values present in the plant as it is not chemically treated while processing.Flavour added to Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice with orange flavour to test better

  • Patanjali Shilajit Capsule provides strength and energy it is known to overcome sexual weakness. Patanjali Shilajit Capsule can also be used in case of Gout (joint pains or Rheumatiod), diseases related to kapha (Asthma and allergy), semen defi ciency, urine and bone- weakness, diabetes.

  • Patanjali Peedantak Ointment is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine. Patanjali Peedantak ointment is prepared to fight with the high level back pain, gout, and joint pain. Patanjali Peedantak is one shot medicine for joint pain,gout,and back pain. Patanjali Peedantak ointment is made for a great pain free time.   

  • Buy Peedantak Tail,Patanjali Peedantak Tail,Patanjali Ayurveda Peedantak Tail,Peedantak Tail online at swadeshaj swadeshi store.Patanjali Peedantak Tail prepared with maintained quality standards.

  • Peedantak Vati is actually a Joint Pain Herbal Treatment. Patanjali Peedantak Vati is also found useful in joint pain, lumbar pain, sciatica, arthritis, lumbar pain, and cervical spondylitis.

  • Kamdhenu Makoy Ark works in kidney related problems.Gavyamrit Makoy Ark helps in treating Urinary Tract Infections as it increases the secretion and discharge of urine.Pathmeda Makoy Ark also used to treat the fever & to alleviate pain.

  • Kamdhenu Tail a complete care oil for Vata Rogas.Pathmeda Kamdhenu Tail is completely a herbal oil to get relief from Body Pain,Joint Pain and in Arthritis instantly.

  • Pathmeda Oral Hygiene is a perfect medicine for instant relief in headache, joint pain, stomach ache, tooth ache and muscular pain. Just roll over Gavyamrit Oral Hygiene over affected areas will get a quick relief from any kind of headache, joint pain, stomach ache, tooth ache and muscular pain.

  • Pathmeda Pain Remover Cream is very usefull in Joint Pain,Chronic Pain,Backache,Lower Back Pain, Sprain, Starain Muscles Pain,Inflamatin,Hadache,Cold,Frozen Sholder .Pathmeda Pain Remover Cream prepared from from several herbs like kovar patho,gaumutra ghan,kapur and many more.

  • Arthodhan Vati is the great herbal combination from SBS Herbal Pvt. Ltd to cure widely affecting post fever join pains. Arthodhan Vati is completely formulated to give quick relief from Joint Pain,body pain,Soulder pain,Gout and Swealing. SBS Arthodhan Vati is regularly prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctor and found effective in the joint pain after fever.

  • Sri Sri Chyawanprash helps the body to fight against infections like cold, cough, debility, tuberculosis, gout, lung & heart. Sri Sri Ayurveda Chyawanprash is prepared by using 25 unique ingredients such as Amlaki as its main ingredient known as very rich of antioxidant

  • Sri Sri Ayurveda Narayana Taila is an excellent oil used to relieve all kind of pain in joints,muscular,bones and nerve stystem due to aggravated vata dosha. Application of Sri Sri Narayan Tail relieves the physical stress and provides good sleep. Sri Sri Narayan Tail is one of best remedies for Stiffness of the neck, Locked jaw, Treamors, Paraplegia...

  • Rasnadi Vati is effective in treating arthritis, sciatica, gout. Sri Sri Ayurveda Rasnadi Vati a muscle relaxant gives quick relief in join pains. Sri Sri Rasnadi Vati reduces inflammation and relieves all types of joint pains. It also works in case of swelling in thighs, sacral region.

  • Sandhimitra Vati is a complete herbal blend with no side effects helps to relief from joint pain permanently. Sri Sri Sandhimitra Vati can be used for several kind joint pain people suffering with like Osteo arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Joint pain and Body pain.

  • Sri Sri Ayurveda Sandhimitra Arka

  • Flaxseed Oil Capsules is very effective for well being fo the body. Sri Sri Ayurveda Flax Seed Oil Capsule is richest source of omega 3 6 & 9 Fatty acid. Sri Sri Flaxseed Oil Capsules is the best supplementry diet to improve the essential fatty acids in the body. Sri Sri Flaxseed Oil Capsules Useful for rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain.

  • Ashwagandha Churna contains natural herb which improve memory and brain power of the body. Swadeshi Ashwagandha Churn also helps to increase the sexual power by providing natural nutrients to the body cells. Ashwagandha Churn is normally used as an aphrodisiac, to improve energy levels. Swadeshi Ashwagandha Powder can also be used in certain neurological...

  • Ginger Juice is very good digestive,appetizer and blood purifier.Adrak Juice gives relief in abdominal pain. Adrak Ras also relieves in cough cold and asthama rhinitischronic fever and strengthen body . Swadeshi Adrak ras has also effective result in joint pain ,swelling and rheomatoid arthritis.Swadeshi Adrak Juice stimulates and strengthen cardiac...

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