Axiom Aloe Vera juice 500ml

Aloe Vera Juice controls the constipation,Gatric & Lever problems.Aloevera juice best for Arthristis & Joint Pains.Jeevan Ras Aloe Vera juice control Blood Presure as well.Axiom Aloe Vera juice prepared by Axiom ayurveda is pure and herbal No WATER ADDED

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Regular intake of Aloevera juice increases the sinovial fluid in the body joints which protects you from common body joints disease like arthritis.
Jeevan Ras Aloe Vera Juice Benefits:

  • Controls the constipation,Gatric & Lever problems
  • Best for Arthristis & Joint Pains
  • Control Blood Presure as well
  • Control obesity
  • A complete Nutritious Juice
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